Rethinking Neural Networks : Quantum Fields and Biological Data book cover
1st Edition

Rethinking Neural Networks
Quantum Fields and Biological Data

Edited By

Karl H. Pribram

ISBN 9781138985384
Published April 27, 2016 by Psychology Press
564 Pages

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Book Description

The result of the first Appalachian Conference on neurodynamics, this volume focuses on processing in biological neural networks. How do brain processes become organized during decision making? That is, what are the neural antecedents that determine which course of action is to be pursued? Half of the contributions deal with modelling synapto-dendritic and neural ultrastructural processes; the remainder, with laboratory research findings, often cast in terms of the models. The interchanges at the conference and the ensuing publication also provide a foundation for further meetings. These will address how processes in different brain systems, coactive with the neural residues of experience and with sensory input, determine decisions.

Table of Contents

Contents: K.H. Pribram, Foreword. J.C. Eccles, Keynote: Evolution of Complexity of the Brain with the Emergence of Consciousness. M. Stadler, P. Kruse, Viewpoint: Neurodynamics and Synergetics. Part I:The Dendritic Microprocess. D. Berger, K.H. Pribram, From Stochastic Resonance to Gabor Functions: An Analysis of the Probability Density Function of Interspike Intervals Recorded from Visual Cortical Neurons. I.N. Bankman, Automated Recognition of Action Potentials on Extracellular Recordings. A.R. Bulsara, A.J. Maren, Coupled Neural-Dendritic Processes: Cooperative Stochastic Effects and the Analysis of Spike Trains. Part II:Quantum Neurodynamics. M. Jibu, K. Yasue, The Basics of Quantum Brain Dynamics. R.L. Dawes, Advances in the Theory of Quantum Neurodynamics. B. MacLennan, Information Processing in the Dendritic Net. B. MacLennan, Field Computation in the Brain. W. Schempp, Analog VLSI Network Models: Cortical Linking Neural Net Models and Quantum Holographic Neural Technology. P.J. Werbos, Quantum Theory and Neural Systems: Alternative Approaches and a New Design. Part III:Nanoneurology. S. Hameroff, J.E. Dayhoff, R. Lahoz-Beltra, S. Rasmussen, E.M. Insinna, D. Koruga, Nanoneurology and the Cytoskeleton: Quantum Signaling and Protein Conformational Dynamics as Cognitive Substrate. G. Rein, Modulation of Neurotransmitter Function by Quantum Fields. J.E. Dayhoff, S. Hameroff, C.E. Swenberg, R. Lahoz-Beltra, The Neuronal Cytoskeleton: A Complex System that Subserves Neural Learning. H. Szu, B. Telfer, G. Rogers, D. Gobovic, C. Hsu, M. Zaghloul, Spatiotemporal Chaos Information Processing in Neural Networks -- Electronic Implementation. Part IV:Perceptual Processing. B.J. Richmond, T.J. Gawne, T.W. Kjaer, J.A. Hertz, Neuronal Encoding of Information Related to Visual Perception, Memory, and Motivation. B. Bridgeman, Efferent Programming of the Striate Cortex. W.J. Freeman, The Emergence of Chaotic Dynamics as a Basis for Comprehending Intentionality in Experimental Subjects. H. Szu, J. Kim, I. Kim, The Formation of Live Neural Networks on Electronic Chips. K.H. Pribram, Afterword.

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