1st Edition

Rethinking Project Management for a Dynamic and Digital World

Edited By Darren Dalcher Copyright 2022
    326 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    326 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Although project management is a newly recognised profession, it deals with a number of significant challenges. We seem to operate in an unprecedented environment, rife with change, innovation and turbulence. Moreover, projects by their very nature tend to push boundaries, encourage novelty and demand engagement with the uncertain and the unknown. Indeed, projects reflect our organised impulse to constantly amend, shape, improve and refine our context. So how can future projects overcome the challenges?

    Rethinking Project Management for a Dynamic and Digital World makes a powerful and original statement equipping project leaders and managers with new approaches and frameworks for an increasingly demanding world where the traditional methods, models and mindsets no longer suffice. The book explores new trends, promising ideas and novel concepts and distils the fundamentals for marshalling a world concerned with people, communities and value by deploying innovation, rethinking purpose and acting responsibly.

    An increasingly borderless, upwardly mobile and entrepreneurial society requires a revamped and revitalised project perspective that is more dynamic, adaptive and reflective. This volume brings together some of the best writing by leading authorities on many key topics, including benchmarking, lean quality, communicating, teams and teamwork, followership, organising for project work, project frameworks, agile working, project portfolios, strategic initiatives, strategic alignment, trust, entrepreneurship, putting people first, social processes, positive organisations, rethinking progress, the hacker paradigm, community, stewardship and knowledge management. The collection thus offers an invaluable new resource for informed managers looking to engage with the latest thinking and research and for researchers seeking to reflect on how the discipline is changing.






    Rethinking the Future of Project Management
    Darren Dalcher

    1. Quality

    The Quest for Supreme Performance: Benchmarking to Save Lives
    Darren Dalcher

    Lean Quality in Construction Project Delivery: A New Model and Principles
    John Oakland and Marton Marosszeky

    2. Communication

    Communicating Beyond Our Hidden Assumptions
    Darren Dalcher

    Communicating Project Management: A Participatory Rhetoric for Development Teams
    Benjamin Lauren

    3. Teams

    From Teams and Teamwork to Teaming
    Darren Dalcher

    Leading Brainy Teams
    Peter Cook

    4. Leadership

    The Followership Advantage: Reconfiguring Leadership for Success
    Darren Dalcher

    Human-Centred Management: A Systemic Interrelation
    Roland Bardy

    5. Life Cycle

    Organising for Project Work: Thinking beyond Project Delivery
    Darren Dalcher

    The Project Framework: Understanding Gates and Stages
    Robert Buttrick

    6. Portfolios

    Organising for Success in Project Portfolios, Initiatives and Strategies
    Darren Dalcher

    Strategic Goal Alignment and Portfolio Stakeholder Management
    John Wyzalek

    7. Entrepreneurship

    The Entrepreneurship Turn: Repositioning Projects as Successful Ventures
    Darren Dalcher

    Effectual Project Management: Thinking Like an Expert Entrepreneur
    Laura Mathiaszyk, Christine Volkmann and Stuart Read

    8. People

    Building from The Inside: The Power of Social Organising
    Darren Dalcher

    Social Process for Project Leaders
    Ian Macdonald, Catherine Burke  and Karl Stewart

    9. Hacking

    Hacking Innovation: Revisiting Teams, Productivity and Limits
    Darren Dalcher

    How to Herd Cats: The Art of The Hacker Paradigm Leadership
    Tim Rayner

    10. Stewardship

    Taking Responsibility for Our Actions: Why It Is Time to Think About Stewardship
    Darren Dalcher

    A Strategic Approach to Product Stewardship
    Helen Lewis

    11. Knowledge

    The Mind of the Maker: Making Sense of Knowledge
    Darren Dalcher

    Through the Knowledge Lens: KM Adventures in Project-Land
    Judy Payne, Eileen J. Roden and Steve Simister


    Rebooting Project Management for A Brighter Future
    Darren Dalcher


    Darren Dalcher is Professor in Strategic Project Management at Lancaster University Management School and Director of the National Centre for Project Management. He has written 400 papers, articles and book chapters and published over 30 books. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process and Editor of the Routledge Frontiers in Project Management book series. Darren is an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Project Management (APM) and author and co-editor of the 7th edition of the APM Body of Knowledge.