1st Edition

Rethinking the National Security of Pakistan
The Price of Strategic Myopia

ISBN 9781138721258
Published November 20, 2020 by Routledge
220 Pages

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Book Description

This title was first published in 2002. Policy-makers in South Asia, the Middle East and the Asian Pacific, decision-makers in the OECD countries, organizations and specialists in academe, will all find this publication indispensable. It presents an integrated model of national security that emphasizes military and non-military determinants. In the light of this model, it analyzes Pakistan’s defence policies over the last half-century and proposes a radical reform of Pakistan’s military organization. In addition to offering a comprehensive look at national security, this book provides coherent, interrelated analysis of the key issues such as political leadership, social and economic development and foreign policy.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Pakistan's unceasing predicament; Introduction; The clash in Kargil; The political economy of militarism; Premises in national security policy; Warfighting effectiveness; Evaluating General Niazi; India's security policy and combat effectiveness; Emerging tensions with China; The fallacy of nuclear deterrence; An integrated approach to national security; Resolving the conflict over Kashmir; Organizational reform in the military; The long view of Pakistan's economic prospects; Reducing military expenditures; International experiences with disarmament.

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Ahmad Faruqui


’...a timely, disturbing, and necessary book. Pakistan desperately needs a course correction, and this book offers one.’ Michael Krepon, The Stimson Centre, USA ’Scholarly research is well melded with practical observation on what Faruqui so accurately calls the strategic culture of Pakistan. The future of the sub-continent depends on human development, not that of weapons and warfare. Faruqui makes his points tellingly and readably.’ Colonel Brian Cloughley, Defence Analyst, New Zealand ’Dr Faruqui has written a persuasive and lucid account of Pakistan’s current strategic situation; this wise book should be read carefully in Pakistan and by those who wish to understand how this important state might best negotiate its multiple security dilemmas.’ Stephen Philip Cohen, The Brookings Institution, Washington DC, USA ’Dr Ahmad Faruqui pulls together hard economic and security data and cogent arguments to make a strong case for a thorough revision of Pakistan’s security policies.  Emphasizing the need of adopting an integrated approach to national  security that takes into account military as well as societal security, his work presents an incisive analysis of Pakistan’s security dilemma, economic development issues, the Kashmir problem and the size and strength of the military.  The notion of expanded security involving social cohesion, political strength, economic development, diplomatic support and military readiness offers an alternative perspective that is expected to generate a debate on Pakistan's security approaches.’ HASAN-ASKARI RIZVI, Political and Defense Consultant, former Quaid-i-Azam Professor of Pakistan Studies, Columbia University, New York, USA ’Faruqui has written a lucid and poignant account of Pakistan’s strategic situation, including an integrated model for national security that emphasizes military and nonmilitary deterrents. His in-depth knowledge of the region, combined with exceptional scholarly re