1st Edition

Retrofitting Design of Building Structures

Edited By Xilin Lu Copyright 2010
    176 Pages 120 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    176 Pages 120 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Retrofitting of building structures, including maintenance, rehabilitation, and strengthening, is not only an important issue in urban construction and management, but also a frequent problem to structural engineers in property management disciplines. Based on the contributors’ hands-on experience, Retrofitting Design of Building Structures covers structural retrofitting practices, the basic principles of structural analysis and design, and various innovatively-used structural codes for the design, assessment, and retrofitting of building structures using newly-developed technologies worldwide.

    Beginning with the procedure of structural retrofitting, this book gradually introduces the significance of structural retrofitting; the inspection methods for structural materials, structural deformation, and damages; retrofitting design methods and construction requirements of various structural systems; and practical examples of structural retrofitting design and construction. In the introduction of various examples, it emphasizes not only conceptual design, but also constructional procedure design, so that a structural retrofitting design work should be completed by both structural analysis and detailed constructional measures. The book provides a complete resource for experienced professionals as well as teachers and students.

    The Significance of Structural Retrofitting
    The Retrofitting Procedure of Building Structures
    The Principles of Retrofitting Design for Building Structures
    Inspection and Evaluation of Building Structures
    Inspection for Mechanical Performance of Structural Material
    Inspection for Reinforcement Disposition in Concrete Members
    Deformation Inspection for Structures and Members
    Structural Reliability Assessment 
    Retrofitting Design of RC Structures
    Retrofitting of RC Beams and Slabs
    Concrete Column Retrofitting
    Retrofitting of Concrete Roof Trusses
    Retrofitting Design of Masonry Structures
    Repairing and Strengthening of Wall Cracks
    Retrofitting of the Wall: Lack of Load-bearing Capacity
    Retrofitting of Brick Columns for Bearing Capacity Deficiency
    Retrofitting of Wall between Windows
    Methods for Strengthening the Integrity of Masonry Structures
    Retrofitting Methods for Connections between Masonry Members
    Retrofitting Design of Wood Structures
    Retrofitting of Wooden Beams
    Retrofitting of Wooden Roof Trusses
    Retrofitting of Wooden Columns
    Retrofitting of Other Wooden Components
    Seismic Retrofitting of Wood Structure Buildings


    Xilin Lu