3rd Edition

Return on Investment in Training and Performance Improvement Programs

    440 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    440 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The third edition of this bestselling book guides you through a proven, results-based approach to calculating the return on investment in training and performance improvement programs. The ROI Methodology described in the book has evolved into the most used evaluation system in the world.

    Patti P. Phillips, Jack J. Phillips, and Klaas Toes present the ROI Methodology, a user-friendly approach to showing and proving the value of programs, projects, and initiatives. Based on over 40 years of development and refinement, it is a process that meets the demands currently facing training and performance improvement functions. This third edition expands upon and updates the second edition with chapters thoroughly detailing the application of the ROI Methodology and new and innovative developments. The book provides relevant examples, case studies and worksheets, and solutions to implementation issues. A case study spans the book and takes the reader through each part of the ROI Methodology. Readers can work through the case, step-by-step, exploring the issues uncovered in the chapter and learn how to apply the process in their own organizations. This book continues to be a primary reference for learning how to utilize ROI to show the contribution of training, education, learning systems, performance improvement, and change initiatives throughout organizations.

    Proven to work as a guide for practitioners, managers, and leaders, the book is also ideal for students of learning and development at graduate and postgraduate levels and individuals involved in executive and professional development programs. A complimentary 500-page book with 25 detailed case studies is available to book purchasers.

    1. Measuring the Return on Investment in Training and Performance Improvement  2. The ROI Methodology 3. Collect Data  4. Isolate the Effects of Training  5. Convert Data to Monetary Benefits  6. Capture Costs of the Program  7. Calculate the Return on Investment  8. Identify Intangible Measures  9. ROI Forecasting  10. How to Communicate and Leverage Results  11. Implementation Issues


    Patti P. Phillips, Ph.D., CEO of ROI Institute, an award-winning author, coach, and thought leader in measurement, evaluation, and human capital analytics, leads the global implementation of the ROI Methodology.  

    Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., chairman of ROI Institute, is a world-renowned thought leader in the field of human resources. His proprietary ROI Methodology is the most applied measurement approach worldwide.   

    Klaas Toes, MSc., founder and director of ROI Institute Europe, is a sought-after speaker, respected author, and experienced pioneer in the human capital, people analytics, and leadership fields.