2nd Edition

Revision Notes for the DRCOG A Textbook of Women’s Health, Second Edition

By Jamila Groves, Deena El-Shirbiny Copyright 2010
    236 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    First published as Mastering the DRCOG, this highly acclaimed revision text has been completely updated and revised to follow the syllabus of the DRCOG examination. This book:

    • Provides relevant content arranged in seven chapters, following the DRCOG curriculum
    • Delivers useful information such as references to guidelines and research
    • Presents content relevant to the real world in the busy GP clinic—it is written by GPs for GPs
    • Includes sample MCQs, SBAs, and EMQs, all closely matched to the exam

    This book is an excellent revision guide that will help you achieve success in the DRCOG exam. It also forms a succinct and highly readable guide for all general practitioners with an interest in women's health as well as those preparing for revalidation.

    Basic Clinical Skills
    Basic Female Anatomy
    Basic Female Physiology
    Taking a Gynaecological History
    Examining Women
    Normal Physiological Vaginal Discharge
    Pregnancy Testing
    Blood Testing for Gynaecological Problems
    Microbiological Testing
    Imaging Investigations
    Legal and Ethical Issues
    Maternity Pay and Benefits

    Basic Surgical Skills

    Pre-Operative Care
    Peri-Operative Care
    Surgical Instruments
    Post-Operative Care
    Surgical Procedures Used in Gynaecology

    Antenatal Care

    Role of the Midwife
    Role of the Obstetrician
    Role of the General Practitioner
    Minor Ailments of Pregnancy
    Moderately Serious Pregnancy Complications
    Very Serious Pregnancy Complications
    Maternal Infection During Pregnancy
    Antenatal Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis
    Chromosomal Abnormalities of the Autosomal Chromosomes
    Chromosomal Abnormalities of the Sex Chromosomes
    Pre-Existing Medical Conditions That Affect Pregnancy
    Special Antenatal Areas

    Management of Labour and Delivery

    The Weeks Prior to Delivery
    Stages of Labour
    Management of Normal Labour
    Assessment of Fetal Well-Being
    Induction of Labour
    Obstructed Labour
    Obstetric Emergencies
    Cultural and Religious Attitudes to Childbirth

    Postpartum and Neonatal Care

    Management of the Normal Postpartum Period
    Management of the Abnormal Postpartum Period
    Neonatal Care

    Gynaecological Problems

    Ambiguous Genitalia
    Adolescent Gynaecology
    Adult Gynaecology
    Sexually Transmitted Infections
    Non-Sexual Vaginal Infections
    Non-Infectious Vulvo-Vaginal Conditions
    Early Pregnancy Problems
    Gynaecological Cancers

    Fertility Control


    Hot Topics and Tips

    Sexual Abuse and Rape
    Domestic Violence
    Commercial Sex Work (Prostitution)
    Human Trafficking
    Cosmetic Surgery
    Female Genital Mutilation
    Media, Body Image and Eating Disorders
    Eugenics: Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening
    Egg and Sperm Donation
    Three-Parent Babies
    Surrogate Motherhood
    Services for Foreign Pregnant Women in the United Kingdom
    Female Orgasm

    Sample Examination Questions

    Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
    Single Best Answer Questions (SBAs)
    Extended Matching Questions (EMQs)

    Sample Examination Answers and Explanations

    Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): Answers and Explanations
    Single Best Answers (SBAs): Answers and Explanations
    Extended Matching Questions (EMQs): Answers and Explanations

    A: Useful Documents and Websites


    Jamila Groves , BSc, MBBS, DRCOG, DFSRH, MRCGP, DCH, is a general practitioner who works as a partner in Leatside Surgery in Totnes, Devon, UK. Dr. Groves enjoys all aspects of medicine, particularly contact with patients, the building of relationships, and holistic care. Her enthusiasm, specialist skills, and advanced training in women's health has naturally led her into provision of well woman clinics. Dr. Groves has worked for extended periods with women in China, India, and Jamaica as well as in busy sexual health clinics in London, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight. Deena El-Shirbiny, MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP, DFSRH, DRCOG, is a general practitioner with a range of experience in primary care. During her career, Dr. El-Shirbiny gained clinical experience in a variety of clinical environments, including Nepal, Australia, Egypt, and the UK. She has a particular interest in health inequalities, which has led her to volunteer with a number of organisations in the UK, such as Medecins du Monde . Dr. El-Shirbiny recently sat the DRCOG herself and thus has contributed up-to-date, in-depth experience of the current DRCOG curriculum and examination procedure.

    "This book deserves to find a place on the bookshelf of a wide range of practitioners – from undergraduates to women’s health specialists."
    —Andrew Weeks, MD,FRCOG, Professor of International Maternal Health

    "’This textbook manages to be both comprehensive, yet at the same time a concise guide to the syllabus of the DRCOG examination … I would argue that this book would be an invaluable companion to those studying for the exam, and to keep as an easily accessible reference guide post qualification."
    —Catriona Davis, BSc, MBBS, MRCGP, GP Trainee

    "The knowledge available from this book is up-to-date and well organized."
    —John Spencer, FRCOG, FHEA, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

    "… written with empathy and understanding. An excellent book for all primary care practitioners."
    —Chris Watkins, BA(Hons), RGN, Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care & Sexual Health