1st Edition

Revitalizing Causality Realism about Causality in Philosophy and Social Science

Edited By Ruth Groff Copyright 2008
    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This cutting edge collection of new and previously published articles by philosophers and social scientists addresses just what it means to invoke causal mechanisms, or powers, in the context of offering a causal explanation. A unique collection, it offers the reader various disciplinary and inter-disciplinary divides, helping to stake out a new, neo-Aristotelian position within contemporary debate.

    Part I – Key Formulations  1. Critical Realism and Substance  2. Causality and Substance  3. Essence and Accident  4. Conceptual and Natural Necessity  5. Powers and Dispositions  Part II – Realism About Causality in Philosophy  6. Meaning, Truth and Causal Explanation: The ‘Humean Condition’ Revisited  7. Aristotelian Powers  8.  Powers, Dispositions, Properties  9. Inessential Aristotle: Powers Without Essences  10. Causal Exclusion and Evolved Emergent Properties  11. Are There Natural Kinds in Psychology?  Part III – Realism About Causality in Social Science  12. Sociology’s Causal Confusion  13. The Mother of All Isms: Causal Mechanisms in Political Science  14. Marxisn Crisis Theory and Causality  15. On the Clear Comprehension of Political Economy: Social Kinds and the Significance of Section 2 of Marx's Capital 


    Ruth Groff