Revival: A Last Vintage (1950) : Essays and Papers by George Saintsbury book cover
1st Edition

Revival: A Last Vintage (1950)
Essays and Papers by George Saintsbury

ISBN 9781138563490
Published January 31, 2019 by Routledge
260 Pages

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Book Description

The Editors of the Saintsbury Memorial Volume have been encouraged by the welcome which that book received to make a final gathering of George Saintbury's writings.

From a score of different sources they have chosen essays and papers that have lain uncollected, with their themes ranging from Captain Marryat to Erasmus, from Rosetti to Xenephon, from Swinburne to Balzac's early pot boilers.

Included is an entrancing study of the literary associations of the city of Bath; and the editors have followed Saintbury's own example by collecting a Scrap Book more than thirty shorter notes and jeux d'esprit on all kinds of subjects: wigs, sensation novelists, Drummond and Ben Jonson, George Sand, compulsory Greek at Oxford, Shakespeare and Welsh, Laurence Sterne tittle-tattle, Marcel Proust, and much else in true Saintsburian vein.

Table of Contents

1. Preface by Augustus Muir 2. A Centenary Tribute by David Nichol Smith 3. The Last Years by Dorothy Margaret Stuart 4. The Man of Books by Helen Waddell 5. Essays and Paper by George Saintsbury 6. Early Twentieth Century Literature 7. A Study of Marryat 8.The Colloquies of Erasmus 9. Xenophon 10. A Reconsideration of Swinburne 11. The Poetry of Rossetti 12. Andrew Lang in the 'Seventies-And After 13. Bath Literature 14. Some Things Past 15. Specialisation 16. Ancient and Modern Languages 17. Dullness 18. Montaigne and Florio 19. Balzac's 'Oeuvres de Jeunesse' 20. Voltaire and Rousseau 21. Manon Lescaut 22. A Saintsbury Scrap Book I. Trivia II. The 'Modern' Touch in Phrase III. Of Writing in Books IV. Kipling's many Inventions' V. A Note on Criticism VI. Some Thoughts on Thackeray VII. The Problem of Translation VIII. Sir Walter: A Fanfare IX. Seventeenth Century Poetry X. Thomas Carlyle and Germany XI. On Education XII. A Note on Wigs XIII. Victor Hugo and Old Books XIV. Sensation Novelists XV. George Sand XVI. A Letter to Norman Douglas XVII. The Place of Boileau XVIII. Drummond and Ben Jonson XIX. Jonson's 'Discoveries' XX. Tobias Smollett XXI. Leigh Hunt as Poet XXII. Two Cellars: (I) A Sentimental Cellar (II) The Cellar of the Queen's Dolls' House XXIII. The Bounties of Bacchus XXIV. 'The Tale of a Tub' XXV. Dr. John Brown XXVI. Compulsory Greek at Oxford XXVII. Diderot's 'Salons' XXVIII. A Moment to Spare-For Proust XXIX. 'The Annals of the Parish' XXX. 'The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green' XXXI. Shakespeare and The Welsh XXXII. The Laurence Sterne Tittle-Tattle XXXIII. Things about Blake XXXIV. Notes on Six Poets XXXV. The Present State of Literature A Saintsbury Bibliography by W. M. Parker

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Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman; Clark, Arthur Melville; Muir, Augustus; Oliver, John