1st Edition

Revival: Conservation Tillage in Temperate Agroecosystems (1993)

By M.R. Carter Copyright 1994
    400 Pages
    by CRC Press

    400 Pages
    by CRC Press

    In this invaluable book, leading agronomic researchers provide in-depth reviews of present conservation tillage practices in a wide variety of temperate agroecosystems. Each chapter characterizes how conservation tillage has been developed and adapted or modified to fit specific environments, with the chapters divided into the following climate regions: Cool Humid, Cool Humid to Warm Humid, Warm Humid, and Sub-Humid to Semi-Arid Continental. Each chapter also discusses important topics such as weed problems, crop rotation, fertilizer requirements, soil properties and processes, soil erosion, soil chemistry, soil physics, and environmental issues. A perfect working reference, this resource provides a synthesis of existing research and practices and shows how soil, climatic, and biological constraints can be overcome or circumvented.

    Strategies to Overcome Impediments to Adoption of Conservation Tillage, M.R. Carter
    Humid Micro-Thermal Climates
    Trends in Reduced Tillage Research and Practice in Scandinavia, H. Riley, T. Børresen, E. Ekeberg, and T. Rydberg
    Tillage Requirements for Annual Crop Production in Eastern Canada, T.J. Vyn, K. Janovicek, and M.R. Carter
    Conservation Tillage in the Corn Belt of the U.S.A., R. Lal, T.J. Logan, M.J. Shipitalo, D.J. Eckert, and W.A. Dick
    Humid Micro-Thermal to Humid Meso-Thermal Climates
    Reduced Cultivation and Direct Drilling for Cereals in Great Britain, D.G. Christian and B.C. Ball
    Approaches Toward Conservation Tillage in Germany, W. Ehlers and W. Claupein
    Feasibility of Minimum Tillage Practices for Annual Cropping Systems in France, J. Massé, D. Boisgontier, J.M. Bodet, and J.P. Gillet
    Humid Meso-Thermal Climates
    Overcoming Constraints to Conservation Tillage in New Zealand, M.A. Choudhary and C.J. Baker
    Role of Conservation Tillage in Sustainable Agriculture in the Southern U.S.A., D.D. Tyler, M.G. Wagger, D.V. McCracken, and W.L. Hargrove
    Conservation Tillage in the South-Eastern Australian Wheat-Sheep Belt, G.R. Steed, A. Ellington, and J.E. Pratley
    Mainly Sub-Humid to Semi-Arid Continental Climates
    Conservation Tillage Systems in the Northernmost Central U.S.A., R.R. Allmaras, J.F. Power, D.L. Tanaka, and S.M. Copeland
    Constraints on Conservation Tillage under Dryland and Irrigated Agriculture in the U.S.A. Pacific Northwest, R.E. Sojka and D.L. Carter
    Tillage Systems for Soil and Water Conservation on the Canadian Prairie, F.J. Larney, C.W. Lindwall, R.C. Izaurralde, and A.P. Moulin
    Conservation Tillage in the Southern U.S.A. Great Plains, P.W. Unger and E.L. Skidmore
    Conservation Tillage in Eastern Europe, A. Butorac


    Martin R. Carter holds degrees in Agriculture and Soil Science from the University of Alberta and Obtained a Ph.D Degree in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan in 1983.