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Revival: Contemporary Indian Philosophy (1936)

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Published January 31, 2019 by Routledge
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Book Description

The book includes essay which are all written by philosophers of or about forty -five years of age. They fall into two main groups: those in which the writer devotes himself chiefly to the exposition of the great Vedic tradition as he has apprehended it and made it the basis of his own life’s work; and those in which the writer, while on the whole remining true to the spirit of that tradition, has sought to give new interpretations of it, either by instituting comparisons of it with the Western doctrines most closely allied to it or by treating of modern problems in a way which, though suggested by what he has learned from the West, is yet stamped with the mark of his own racial sympathy. Western readers will naturally find the latter group more attractive; but this volume will have failed of its purpose if it does not give them some sense of the truth that underlies even the essays with which, owing to the presuppositions ion which these are founded, they find themselves least in sympathy.

Table of Contents

1. Gandhi, M. K. [Answers to three questions] 2.Tagore, R. The religion of an artist. 3.Abhedānanda, Swāmi. Hindu philosophy in India. 4. Bhattacharyya, H. The principle of activism. 5. Bhattacharyya, K. C. The concept of philosophy. 6.Chatterji, G. C. Common-sense empiricism. 7.Coomaraswamy, A. K. On the pertinence of philosophy. 8.Damle, N. G. The faith of an idealist. 9.Das, B. atma-vida, or The science of self. 10.Das, R. Pursuit of truth through doubt and belief. 11.Dasgupta, S. Philosophy of dependent emergence. 12.Datta, D. M. Knowledge, reality and the unknown. 13.Haldar, H. Realistic idealism.

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S Radhakrishnan was a Indian philospher and statesman, his academic appointments included professor of philosophy at the University of Mysore (1921-32), the King George V Chair of Mental and Moral Science at the University of Calcutta (1921-1932) and Spalding Professor of Eastern Religion and Ethics at University of Oxford.

J H Muirhead was a British philosopher best known for having initiated the Muirhead Library of Philosophy in 1890. He became the first person named to the Chair of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham in 1900.