1st Edition

Revival: Economic Principles (1904) An Introductory Study

By Flux Copyright 2017
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    by Routledge

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    The text contains no explicit reference to mathematical apparatus which has rendered eminient service in economics, especially in recent years. Some of the simpler applications of algebraic symbols and geometrical diagrams to econcomic problems are presented in an appendix. Those to whom these forms of expression tend rather to confuse than to clarify the reasoning which they embody, may thus readily spare themselves this confusion; while those to whom symbols are familiar and helpful will not be deprived of the aid to precision of conception and of argument which can hardly be afforded in equal degree by any other means.

    1. Introductory 2. Demand and Value 3. Exchange and Markets 4. Supply and Value 5. Some Special Problems of Valuation 6. The Problem of Interest: The Share of Capital in Distribution 7. The Problem of Rent: The Share of Land in Distribution 8. The Problem of Wages: Labour's Share in Distribution 9. Special Problems of Wages: Methods of Remuneration 10. The Problem of Profits: The Employer's Share in Distribution 11. Money and the Mechanism of Exchange 12. Paper Currency, and Modes of Regulating its Issue 13. Values in International Trade 14 The Balance of Trade and Other International Obligations 15. The Foreign Exchanges 16. Free Trade and Protection 17. Government Interference: Taxation 18. The Incidence of Taxation. Appendix. Problems treated Algebraically and Diagrammatically


    A.W Flux, M.A. William Dow Professor of Political Economy in McGill University Montreal; Sometime fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge; and formely Standley Jevons Professor of Political Economy in the Owens College, Manchester.