Revival: England Before the Norman Conquest (1910)  book cover
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Revival: England Before the Norman Conquest (1910)

ISBN 9781138566217
Published January 31, 2019 by Routledge
706 Pages

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Book Description

In England, as in France and Germany, the main characteristics of the last fifty years, from the point of view of the student of history, has been that new material has been accumulating much faster than it can be assimilated or absorbed. When the first edition of this volume was sent to the press in 1910, I had the privilege of finding three good friends, who each revised one section of its content. The first was T. Rice Holmes, who looked over the prehistoric and early Celtic chapters. The second is Francis Haverfield, the greatest specialist in his day for all that concerned Roman Britain. The third, H. Carless Davis, then a fellow of All Souls and afterwards Regius Professor of Modern History.

Table of Contents

1. Prehistoric Britain.  2. The Celts in Britain Down to the Invasion of Julius.  3. Caesar in Britain.  4. Britain Between the Invasion of Julius Caesar and the Invasion of Claudius.  5. The Roman Conquest of Britain – Claudius and Nero.  6. Conquest of Northern Britain- Cerealis and Agricola.  7. Roman Britain from Domitian to Commodus.  8. From Commodus to Carausius.  9. From Diocletian.  10. Christianity in Britain During the Roman Period.  11. The Anglo-Saxons in Britain.  12. The Anglo-Saxon Invasion.  13. The Settlement of the Conquerors-The Early Kingdoms.  14. The Second Advance of the Invaders- Ceawlin and Aethelfrith.  15. The Conversion of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms.  16. The Balance of Power- Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex.  17. The Eighth Century – The Merican Domination.  18. The Social Organisation of the Early English Kingdoms.  19. The Political Organisation of the Early English Kingdoms.  20. The Eve of the Storm- Rise of Ecgbert of Wessex.  21. The Vikings and Their Own. 22. From Ecgbert to Alfred.  23. The Reign of Alfred- The Earlier Danish Wars.  24. Alfreds Later Years- His Work as A Statesman and Scholar- His Last Danish War.  25. The Reconquest of the Danelaw.  26. From Edmund I to Edward the Martyr.  27. Aethelred the Redeless and Edmund Ironside.  28. Cnut and His Sons.  29. Edward the Confessor and Harold the Godwineson Conclusion

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Sir Charles William Chadwick Oman, KBE, FBA was a British military historian. Oman's academic career was interrupted by the First World War, during which he was employed by the government's Press Bureau and the Foreign Office. Oman was the Conservative Member of Parliament for the University of Oxford constituency from 1919 to 1935, and was knighted KBE in the 1920 civilian war honours list.