1st Edition

Revival: Liposomes as Tools in Basic Research and Industry (1994)

ISBN 9781138560598
Published June 7, 2019 by CRC Press
286 Pages

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Book Description

This book is devoted to a broader understanding of liposomes as a versatile tool used in many domains, including basic research and applied technology, focusing on less common applications and recent developments.
Over the past few years, new types of liposomes made of nonphospholipid molecules have opened new perspectives in applications. These lipid vesicles, already used in cosmetology, are being manufactured for industrial and agricultural uses. However, "Stealth" liposomes, pH-sensitive liposomes, and cationic liposomes have enlarged and improved the application field of liposomes in clinical research. The book covers these different uses of liposomes with particular attention to new formulations and new applications.

Table of Contents

The Liposomes
Importance of Liposome Characteristics on Their Properties and Fate, R.R.C. New.
Chemistry of Ligand-Coupling to Liposomes, F. Schuber.
Nonphospholipid Molecules and Modified Phospholipid Components of Liposomes, J.R. Philippot, P. Milhaud, and C. Puval.
Liposomes at the Industrial Scale, G. Redziniak, P. Perrier, and C. Marechal.
Liposomes as Cell or Membrane Models
Liposomes as Tools for the Reconstitution of Biological Systems, J.-L. Rigaud and B. Pitard.
Liposomes as Tools in Immunological Studies, P. Walden.
Liposomes as Tools for Elucidating the Mechanisms of Membrane Fusion, N. Düzgünes and S. Nir.
Liposomes, Viruses, and Membrane Fusion, M.C.P. Lima and D. Hoekstra.
New Developments of Liposomes
Gene Transfer with Cationic Amphiphiles, J.-S. Remy, C. Sirlin, and J.-P. Behr.
Cationic Liposome-Mediated Gene Transfer In Vitro and In Vivo, R. Debs.
Sterically Stabilized "Stealth" Liposomes: Pharmacological Properties and Drug Carrying Potential in Cancer, A. Gabizon.
Liposomes as Carriers of Antigens, M. Friede.
pH-Sensitive Liposomes as Tools for Cytoplasmic Delivery, D. Collins.
Liposomes as Transporters of Oligonucleotides, L. Leserman.
Imaging Tools: Liposomal Agents for Nuclear Medicine, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, and Ultrasound, C. Tilcock.
Nonphospholipid Liposomes: Principles and Bulk Applications, D.F.H. Wallach and R. Mathur.
Nonphospholipid Vesicles as Experimental Immunological Adjuvants, C. Varanelli, S. Kumar, and D.F.H. Wallach.

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