Revival: Non-Traditional Feeds for Use in Swine Production (1992)  book cover
1st Edition

Revival: Non-Traditional Feeds for Use in Swine Production (1992)

ISBN 9781138560987
Published January 25, 2019 by CRC Press
528 Pages

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Book Description

Feed represents the single greatest expense associated with bringing pigs to market weight. Therefore, if you can reduce the cost of feeding without detriment to pig performance, the economics of swine production will improve. The ingredient list for swine rations has become fairly limited, and the majority of diets fed to pigs consist of a few staples, such as corn, wheat, barley, and soybean meal. Non-Traditional Feeds for Use in Swine Production explores over fifty non-traditional feedstuffs in terms of their nutritional content and their viability as alternative, cost effective food sources

Table of Contents

Preface. Alfalfa Meal, P.A. Thacker
Bananas, V. Ravindran
Barley: Hulless, F.X. Aherne
Barley: Hydroponically Sprouted, D.J. Peer and S. Leeson
Beans: Culled, J.P. Rodriguez and H.S. Bayley
Blood Meal: Flash Dried, E.R. Miller
Buckwheat, P.A. Thacker
Canola Meal, P.A. Thacker
Canola Seed: Full-Fat, F.X. Aherne and J.M. Bell
Cassava Leaf Meal, V. Ravindran
Cassava Meal, O.L. Oke
Cocoyams, E. Nwokolo
Copra Meal, P.J. Thorne, D.J.A. Cole and J. Wiseman
Corn Gluten Feed, P.J Holden
Cottonseed Meal, T.D. Tanksley, Jr.
Crab Meal, T.A. Van Lunen and D.M. Anderson
Distillers By-Products, H.W. Newland and D.C. Mahan
Fababeans, P.A. Thacker
Field Peas, A.G. Castell
Fish Silage, T.A. Van Lunen
Lentils, A.G. Castell
Linseed Meal, J.P. Bowland
Leucaena Leaf Meal, T.E. Ekpenyong
Lupins, R.H. King
Minor Oilseed Meals, V. Ravindran
Mung Beans, C.V. Maxwell
Mustard Meal, J.M. Bell
Oats: Naked, J.R. Morris
Peanut Kernels, G.L. Newton, O.M. Hale and K.D. Haydon
Popcorn: Unpopped, G.C. Shurson
Potato and Potato Products, S.A. Edwards and R.M. Livingstone
Probiotics, T.P. Lyons and J.D. Chapman
Pumpkin, Melon and Other Gourd Seeds, E. Nwokolo
Rice and Rice Milling By-Products, D.J. Farrell and K. Hutton
Rubber Seeds, Oil and Meal, E. Nwokolo
Rye, R.B. Bazylo
Safflower Meal, C.S. Darroch
Salseed Meal, S.S. Negi
Screenings, R.M. Beames
Seaweed, R.M. Beames
Sesame Meal, V. Ravindran
Single Cell Protein, D.G. Waterworth
Soybeans: Full-Fat, A.C. De Schutter and J.R. Morris
Sugar Beet, A.C. Longland and A.G. Low
Sunflower Meal, W.E. Dinusson
Sunflower Seeds, R.C. Wahlstrom
Sweet Potato, E. Nwokolo
Triticale, S.V. Radecki and E.R. Miller
Wheats: Soft and Dwarf, W.I. Magowan
Wild Oat Groats, P.A. Thacker

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