1st Edition

Revival: Nonlinear Analysis of Structures (1997)

ISBN 9781138560956
Published January 28, 2019 by CRC Press
640 Pages

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Book Description

Nonlinear Analysis of Structures presents a complete evaluation of the nonlinear static and dynamic behavior of beams, rods, plates, trusses, frames, mechanisms, stiffened structures, sandwich plates, and shells. These elements are important components in a wide variety of structures and vehicles such as spacecraft and missiles, underwater vessels and structures, and modern housing. Today's engineers and designers must understand these elements and their behavior when they are subjected to various types of loads.

Coverage includes the various types of nonlinearities, stress-strain relations and the development of nonlinear governing equations derived from nonlinear elastic theory. This complete guide includes both mathematical treatment and real-world applications, with a wealth of problems and examples to support the text. Special topics include a useful and informative chapter on nonlinear analysis of composite structures, and another on recent developments in symbolic computation.


Table of Contents

Nonlinear Bending and Vibration of Beams
Types of Nonlinearities
Nonlinear Governing Equations for Beams
Methods of Solution
Geometrically Nonlinear Beam Problems
Vibration of Beams with Various Boundary Conditions
Forced Vibrations of Beams
Postbuckling-Cantilever Columns
Behavior of Beams with Material Nonlinearity
Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Plates
Geometric and Material Nonlinearities
Governing Nonlinear Equations for Plates
Boundary Conditions and Methods of Solution
Large Deflections of Rectangular Plates
Large Deflection Analysis of Nonrectangular Plates
Free and Forced Vibration of Rectangular Plates
Free and Forced Vibration of Nonrectangular Plates
Multiple Mode Solution to Free Vibration of Plates
Postbuckling Behavior of Plates
Effects of Transverse Shear Deformation and Material Nonlinearity
Nonlinear Analysis of Shells
Derivation of Governing Equations
Circular Cylindrical Shells
Shallow Spherical Shells: Large Deflections
Noncircular Cylindrical Shells
Forced Nonlinear Vibration of Shells
Postbuckling of Shells
Postbuckling and Large Amplitude Vibration - A Similarity
General Conclusions on Large Amplitude Vibrations
Structures: Nonlinear Analysis
Curved Beams
Stiffened Structures
Sandwich Plates
Finite Element Method
Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Composed of Composite Materials
Composite Beams - Large Deflections
Nonlinear Vibrations
Postbuckling Behavior
Composite Plates - Governing Equations
Laminated Plates - Cylindrical Bending
Laminated Plates - Large Amplitude Vibration
Shells - Large Amplitude Vibration
Postbuckling of Shells
Symbolic Computation
Examples of Linear Problems
Statically Indeterminate Beams Using MACSYMA
Truss Problem Using MACSYMA
Beam Problems Using MAPLE
Vibration of Beams Using MAPLE
Vibration of Plates Using MAPLE
Rayleigh's Methods Using MAPLE
Rayleigh-Ritz Method Using MAPLE
Structural Analysis of Box Beams
Dynamic Analysis of Box Beams
Nonlinear Problems
Nonlinear Vibration of Beams
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Professor Muthukrishnan Sathyamoorthy is Associate Dean and Professor and Interim Chair
Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Texas, Tyler.