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Revival: Oriental Memories of a German Diplomatist (1930)

By Friedrich Rosen Copyright 1930
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    372 Pages
    Published January 31, 2019 by Routledge

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    His Excellency Dr. Friedrich Rosen, the well known German Diplomatist and Orientalist, has written a fascinating account of his manifold experiences in the Near East, including Palestine, Syria, Persia and Mesopotamia, during a period of forty years. Many politically important or otherwise interesting mean and women, such as Ex-Emperor William II, Prince Bulow, Baron von Holstein, Sir Frank Lascelles, Sir Valentine Chirol, Lord Curzon and Miss Gertrude Bell, are spoken of in this volume.

    Part 1: Jerusalem  1. Early Recollections of Camping and Town Life—Old Saracen House—The Rich Man’s Home and its Inmates—Other Neighbours and Friends—Turks, Arabs, Jews and Christians—The Prince of Wales’ Visit to Palestine—Jerusalem and its Surroundings before Modernization  2. Great Changes in Europe—Departure from Jerusalem—Jaffa—Egypt—The Levant in the Days of Napoleon 3. Austria after her War with Prussia  Part 2: Across Persia On Horseback  1. Departure from India—Maskat—The Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf—Fish-eaters, Pirates, Pearl-fishers—Bushire  2. Overland Trip to Teheran—Ascending the Passes—Shiraz—Visit to the Tombs of Saadi and Hafiz—Persepolis—Tombs of Darius and Cyrus  3. Isfahan—Visit to the Shah’s Eldest Son—The Beautiful Dancing-girls of Kashan—The Valley of the Angel of Death—Arrival at Teheran  4. Sir Arthur and Lady Nicolson’s Hospitality—Baron Schenck, the German Minister, and other Members of the Diplomatic Corps—General Schindler—Audience with the Shah  Part 3: Syria 1. Bismarck’s Dismissal—Witnessing his Departure from Berlin—Count Caprivi, his Successor—Cairo—Beyrout—Visit to Damascus  2. Visit from the King of the Samaritans—Receiving a Delegation from the Maronites—Corrupt Administration—French Aspirations—Turkish Procrastination—Conflict and Friendship with the Public Prosecutor  3. Excursion to the Cedars of Lebanon and to the Scene of the Legend of Venus and Adonis—Returning on an English Cargo Boat from Tripolis to Beyrout  4. Appointment to Teheran—Constantinople—Some Turkish Stories—End of the Dragomans  Part 4: Persia Again  1. Towards Persia—Difficulties in the Russian Custom House—On Horseback to Kazvīn  2. Arrival at Teheran—Changes in the British Legation—Sir Henry Drummond Wolff—Sir Frank Lascelles—Studies, Shooting and Trout-fishing—Persian Friends and Entertainments—Visiting a Forbidden Sanctuary in Disguise—Condition of Persian Ladies  3. Life in Teheran—The Shah—His Ancestors—Severity of Punishments—His Diaries—Nīsiraddln Shah’s Violent Death—Anglo-Russian Rivalry—Sir Mortimer Durand—The Grand Vizier Amīn-as Sultan—His Life Saved—His Ultimate Violent Death  4. Friends in Persia—Miss Gertrude Bell—Junior Members of the Staff of the British Legation  5. Oriental Studies—History of the Last Two Centuries—Sir E. Denison Ross—A Modern Persian Colloquial Grammar—German and English Translations of Omar Khayyám  6. Official Side of my Life in Persia—A Severe Epidemic of Cholera—Information given me by the British Legation—Fate of a Dispatch—The Emperor’s Telegram to Kruger—Cecil Rhodes and the Kaiser  Part 5: Baghdad  1. On a Special Mission to Baghdad—Egypt, Palestine and Syria Revisited—Organizing a Caravan—Ride from Damascus across the Syrian Desert to the Euphrates  2. Primitive Navigation—Attack by a Nomad Tribe—Narrow Escape—Picturesque Scenery  3. Arrival at Baghdad—Life and Occupations—The Baghdad Railway Question  4. Expedition to Pusht-i Kūh—Desert Hospitality—Mandalī—The Mudir and his Stories—The Persian Agent and his Brigand Friends—Aristotle’s Opinion on the Question whether Bears lay Eggs—An Adventurous Night Ride  5. Expedition to Pusht-i Kūh (continued)—Grand Scenery—Town of Tents—The Old Man of the Mountain—Lavish Hospitality  6. Discovery of Summer Residence of the Caliphs of Baghdad—Snakes—The Asphalt Castle—Visiting the Town of Tents—Nomad Chief as ‘Officier de l’Instruction Publique’  7. Returning to Baghdad—Robbery—Intelligence of Thoroughbred Arab Horses—The Lurrs in History and Literature  8. Camping near the Ruins of Ctesiphon—Studying the History of Baghdad—Story about Fathali, Shah of Persia—Writing the Book on Jews and Phoenicians  9. Ordered back to Teheran—Excursion to Hillah and Kerbelā—Riding over the Ruins of Babylon—Fahad, the Great Bedouin Chief—Kerbelā, the Great Shiah Sanctuary—Time Marriages Part 6: Back Once More To Persia Preparations—Farewell to Arabia and to Bedouin Life—The Royal Road—Scenery and Historic Remains—Romance of Brigandage—Teheran  Part 7: Jerusalem Again: 1899–1900  1. Appointment to Jerusalem—A Later Conversation with the Emperor about this Matter—Farewell to Persia  2. German Policy in the Holy Land—First Meeting with the Emperor  3. Arrival in Jerusalem—Great Changes—My Colleagues  4. Arrival of my Family—Gertrude Bell our Guest—Her Successful Studies in Arabic—Her Interest in Ancient History of Palestine—Explorations and Excursions  5. Called to Berlin—Looking Backward on the Years spent in the East—Political Outlook


    Friedrich Rosen or Fritz Rosen was a German Orientalist, diplomat and politician. From May to October 1921 he was the Foreign Minister of Germany.

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