1st Edition

Revival: Origin and Evolution of the Human Race (1921)

ISBN 9781138566231
Published January 25, 2019 by Routledge
618 Pages

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Book Description

Where and when did man make his first appearance on this earth?

The object of this book is to bring before the public such further facts and values regarding the evolution of man. After studies Churchwood made during many years, he is now fully convinced that the hitherto preconceived ideas of many scientists regarding the origin of the human race, both as to place and date, are erroneous, and evidence will be brought forward to prove that the human race did not originate in Asia, but in Africa.

Table of Contents

1. Africa and the birthplace of man. 2. The Piltdown skull 3. Burial customs 4. Ancient implements and how to distinguish them 5. Primary man 6. Characteristics of the pre or non-totemic races 7. Spirit worship 8. Non or pre-totemic people 9. Masaba negroes 10. Nilotic negroes, totemic group 11. Further proofs that the Nilotic negro was the founder of ancient Egypt 12. Nilotic negroes (continued) 13. Totem and totemism 14. Heidelberg and Neanderthal types 15. Totemic people 16. The tribes of Borneo and the todas 17. Stellar Mythos people 18. Stellar Mythos People (continued) and proofs of widespread distribution 19. Further proofs of stellar cult in America 20. Central America and Mexico 21. Stellar Mythos people in Asia 22. The Chinese people 23. Further evidence of Stellar cult 24. Evidence of Stellar cult in Africa 25. Evidence of ancient Egypt in Northern Europe 26. Lunar Mythos cult 27. Solar Mythos people 28. Solar cult people 29. The people of British Isles 30. Comparative wisdom, ancient and modern 31. Conclusion 32. Tabulated summary

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Dr. Albert Churchward (1852-1925) was a Mason and member of the Geological Society of London. He is the well-respected author of books delving into the evolution of symbols through history in The Origin and Evolution of Religion, Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, and The Origin and Evolution of the Human Race. He also collaborated extensively with his brother James Churchward, noted as author of The Lost Continent of Mu and a further series of books about the lost continent.