1st Edition

Revival: Promotion of Mental Health (2001) Volume 7, 2000

By Michael C. Murray, Colin A. Reed Copyright 2001
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2001. Addressing a range of key theoretical and practical issues, this volume is the latest in an important series proceeding from the Annual Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health. It will be essential reading for policy makers, researchers and practitioners in the field.

    Contents: Mental health promotion in a rural context: research and realities from a community-based initiative in Northern Ireland, Margaret M. Barry, Elaine O’Doherty and Ann Doherty; Mental health promotion, Dr. D.R. Billington;

    Representations of schizophrenia in television news: a comparative analysis, Mike Birch;

    Promoting mental health in media: in search of an effective methodology, Mike Birch;

    Same sex attraction in young people: health, happiness and homophobia, Adrian Booth;

    Weaving the threads of mental health promotion in South Australia, Adrian Booth and Angela Burford;

    Social integration and mental health promotion, Odd Steffen Dalgard; Enhancing parenting skills, Dr. Kedar Nath Dwivedi; From the margins to the mainstream: the public health potential of mental health promotion - or mental health promotion - what works?, Lynne Friedli;

    Three aspects of mental health promotion in the department of mental health Rome E, Alessandro Grispini and Renato Piccione;

    The state of the art of prevention in Italian psychiatric services, Alessandro Grispini, Renato Piccione and Renato Frisanco;

    Mental health: a contested concept, Sandy Herron and Rebecca Mortimer; Lay perspectives of mental health: a summary of the findings, Sandy Herron;

    Men and their travails: breaking the silence, Ken Keddie; The need for supportive strategies for the person who self-harms, Kathryn Kinmond;

    Implementing mental health promotion: a health education and promotion perspective, Gerjo Kok;

    Stress in the workplace: a risk assessment approach to reduction of risk, Rebecca J. Lancaster and Elizabeth Burtney; Developing strategic partnerships, Ros Lobo and Chris Gilleard;

    Comparing paradigms in mental health promotion evaluation and research, Glenn Macdonald;

    Mental health promotion: theory and practice insights from a literature review, Natasha Mauthner, Michael Killoran-Ross and Jane Brown;

    The Odin European research on preventing depression: a different perspective, Cl


    Michael Murray is the Chief Executive and at the University of Central England is the Head: The Centre for Mental Health Promotion and Research. Clifford Beers Foundation, Stafford, UK. Colin A. Reed Clifford Beers Foundation, Stafford, UK. Runs his own consultancy business.

    ’...the conference gathered together cutting-edge research in the subject area and the volume has proven to be as rich as the preceding volumes...Policy makers, researchers and professionals in the field will find in this book a wealth of the most useful theoretical and practical information for their work in the subject area.’ Handicaps-Info ’This collection of easily digested but scholarly articles provides a really useful review of the present state of affairs in the filed of mental health promotion...With no doubt, professionals of many persuasions will find much of use in this wide-ranging series of interesting articles.’ Journal of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health