1st Edition

Revival: Roosevelt and His America (1933)

By Bernard Fay Copyright 1933
    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    President Roosevelt gave an opportunity to study American energy and initiative and its freedom from all formulas and methods. During the eventful months of 1933 the President and the people of the United States proved that they were able to discard the past entirely – everything, even the most valuable and cherished tradition – to keep life and activity in the country, to keep the nation alive, working and going ahead.

    Part 1: In Search of America  1.1. The Discoverers 1.2. The Inventors Part 2: Lost America  2.1. The Wreckers, Three Wooden Kings  2.2. Prophets of Steel  2.3. Bar Gold or Golden Calf  2.4. The Gravediggers  Part 3: America Finds Herself Again  3.1 A Portrait of Roosevelt  3.2 Mr. Roosevelt and His Brain Trust  3.3 Mr. Roosevelt and Congress or the Art of Taming Assemblies  3.4 Roosevelt and the American People  Epilogue: Roosevelt Rules


    Bernard Fay was a French historian of Franco-American relations.