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Revival: Soviet Developmental Psychology: An Anthology (1977)

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Published January 25, 2019 by Routledge
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This volume contains a sample of articles on developmental psychology that have appeared in Soviet psychology over the past 15 years. The articles represent a much great time span of developmental psychology in the Soviet Union, beginning wth classic papers by Denisova and Figurin published in the mid-1920s.

Table of Contents

Soviet Developmental Psychology: Selections from Soviet Psychology

Michael Cole

Experiemental Reflexological Research on the New Born

M. P. Denisova and N. L. Figurin

Experimental Reflexological Study of Early Dsicriminative Reflexes in Infancy

N. L. Figurin and M. P. Denisova

A Child's Speech Responses and the Social Environment

A. R. Luria

The Variability of Mental Functions as the Child Develops (Based on a Comparative Study of Twins)

A. R. Luria

Play and Its Role in the Mental Development of the Child

L. S. Vygotsky

The Development of Voluntary Memory in Preschool-age Children

Z. M. Istomina

Words as Conditioned Inhibitors in Infants During the First Three Years of Life

E. N. Degtiar

Conditions for the Formation of the Simplest Volutary Actions in Very Young Children

S. V. Yakovleva

Perception and Naming of Color in Early Childhood

Z. M. Istomina

The Development of Associations in Very Young Children

E. N. Degtiar

Certain Physciological Mechanisms in the Initial Development of the Mental Life of the Child

V. K. Fedorov

The Formation and Development of Perception Activity

V. P. Zinchenko, Van Chzhu-tsin and V. V. Tarakanov

On the Development of Proper Pronunciation in Children one and Half to Three Years Old

G. M. Liamina and N. I. Gagua

The Development in Prschool-age Children of the Ability to Analyze Words by Their Sounds

L. E. Zhurova

Echolalia as a Stage in the Formation of the Second-Signal System

B. F. Porshnev

Stimuli Evoking Positive Emotions in Infants in the First Months of Life

M. Iu. Kistiakovskaia

Comparative Analysis of the Activity of the Preschool Child with Real Objects and Their Schematic Representations

A. A. Litvinyuk

Mastery of the Syllabic Composition of Words at an Early Age

A. K. Markova

A Study of the Influence of Sociohistorical Conditions on Child Development (Comparitive Investigation, 1929 and 1966)

R. G. Gurova

The Emergence of Perceptual Actions

L. A. Venger

Some Problems in Learning Russian as a Foreign Language (Essays on Psycholinguistics)

Aleksei A. Leont'ev

Causes of Children's Word Invention (A Psychological Model of the Genesis of the Syntactically Structured Verbal Utterance)

T. N. Ushakova

Toward the Problem of Stages in the Mental Development of the Child

D. B. El'konin

Acquisition of the Communicative Function of Language by Schoolchildren

A. K. Markova

Babbling in the Hearing Child

V. I. Bel'tyukov and A. D. Salakhova

An Experimental Study of the Planning Function of Thinking in Young Schoolchildren

V. Kh Magkaev


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Professor Mike Cole is a member of the National Academies of Education of the United States and Russia and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a University Professor Emeritus Communication and Psychology in the University of California.