1st Edition

Revival: Studies of Savages and Sex (1929)

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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    The success of my revised edition of Mr Crawley's The Mystic Rose has encouraged me to bring together in the present volume some of his papers previously unpublished in book-form, on subjects akin to those of his great work.

    Mr Crawley's treatment of these problems of sexual anthropology, especially on the psychological side, was, in the years in which he was most actively at work, too uncompromisingly original to meet with general acceptation, even in academic circles. But now his standpoint, which can perhaps be best described as being that of a profound psychological analysis on the basis of biological common-sense, is beginning to be appreciated. And the following papers will be found, I think, to contain all those qualities which so sharply differentiate Mr Crawley's work from that of most other students in the same fields.

    Chapter I Chastity and Sexual Morality - 1 Introductory, 2 The sexual impulse of the savage, 3 Sexual periodicity, 4 The natural sexual life and its control, 5 Chastity between puberty and marriage, 6 The preference for virginity, 7 Wifely chastity, 8 Continence as instinctive chastity, 9 Chastity to-day, 10 Biological and psychological conclusions, Chapter II Sketch of the Forms of Love: with special reference to America - i Sexual love - 1 Development of conjugal love, 2 Development os sexual love, 3 Social habits, (a) restrictions on love, (b) The law of parity, (c) Seasonal love, 4 Homosexual love, ii Non-sexual love - 1 Parental love, 2 Filial love, 3 Fraternal and social love, iii Love-Gods, iv A note on love among the American Indians, Chapter III A Note on Obscenity and the Orgy - 1 Obscenity, 2 The Orgy, Chapter IV The Nature and History of the Kiss - 1 General description, 2 Forms of the kiss, 3 Social history, 4 Social and religious usages, 5 The kiss of peace, 6 Death by kissing, 7 Kissing sacred objects, 8 Metaphor and myth, Chapter V Birthdays and the Day of Birth - 1 The day of birth, 2 The birthday anniversary, Chapter VI Faeticide, Chapter VII Life and Death: with special reference to America - 1 The nature of life, 2 The life of nature, 3 Regard for life, 4 The life deposit, 5 Life magic, 6 Renewal of life, 7 The nature of death, 8 Mythological and ethical applications, 9 A note on life and death among American Indians, Chapter VIII The Practice and Psychology of Anointing: with special reference to the Hindus - 1 Introductory: Hygiene and Esthetics, 2 The magical religious sphere, 3 The anointing of the dead, 4 Ceremonial anointing and the removal of taboo, 5 Consecration, (a) Birth, (b) Puberty, (c) Marriage, (d) Before worship, (e) The consecration of priests, (f) The anointing of kings, 6 The anointing of sacrifice and offering, 7 Hindu anointing and consecration, Chapter IX The Oath, The Curse and the Blessing - i The curse and the blessing -1 Introductory, 2 General character, 3 Special applications, 4 Conditional cursing and blessing, 5 The blessing and the curse as its invocations, 6 Connexion with morality, ii The oath - 1 Early forms, 2 The embodied oath, 3 Psychology of the oath, 4 The oath and the god, 5 Various rituals, 6 Penalty of false oath, 7 Applications of the oath, 8 Prohibition of the oath, Index



    Alfred Ernest Crawley, Theodore Besterman