1st Edition

Revival: The FOS and JUN Families of Transcription Factors (1994)

ISBN 9781138562165
Published May 23, 2019 by CRC Press
322 Pages

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Book Description

This book introduces and analyzes the crucial role of AP-1 in cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. AP-1 is the endpoint of several pathways of signal transduction, including one that triggers cancerous growth. The control of its activity is an issue of basic science, cancer therapy, and other diseases. The chapters provide multiple viewpoints of the emerging data on AP-1, including its role as a factor regulating genes involved in the metastatic properties of cancer, as a factor that interacts with viral gene products, and as a part of the mechanism by which steroid and retinoic acid receptors function as anti-inflammatory proteins.

Table of Contents

Characteristics of AP-1 Subunits
Jun Family, Angel and Herrlich
FOS Family, Schuermann
Regulation of AP-1 Activity and Synthesis
Protein/Protein Interactions: Factors Modulating AP-1 Activity, Sassone-Corsi
Steroid Hormone Receptors/AP-1, Cato
Post-Translational Modification: Jun Modification, Sachsenmaier and Radler-Pohl
FOS Modification, Shaw
Nuclear Uptake, Jeanteur
Promoter Regulation: C-FOS, Nordheim
C-Jun, Mechta and Yaniv
Functions in Physiological Processes
AP-1 Regulated Target Genes, Busslinger
Neural Cell Function, Sassone-Corsi
Differentiation, Rüther
Stress Response, Rahmsdorf
Functions in Pathology
FOS and Jun Oncogenes: FOS in Transformation, Müller
Jun in Transformation, Vogt
Oncogenes Acting through FOS and Jun: Raf Kinase, Rapp
Other Oncogenes, Schönthal
Adenovirus E1A/AP-1 Connection, van Dam and van der Eb
Tumor Promotion and Carcinogenesis, Yuspa
Tumor Progression, Hart

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