Revival: The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists (1995)  book cover
1st Edition

Revival: The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists (1995)

ISBN 9780203710012
Published May 4, 2018 by CRC Press
1584 Pages

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Book Description

The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists is a single-volume, ready reference for the practicing engineer and scientist in industry, government, and academia as well as the novice computer user. It provides the most up-to-date information in a variety of areas such as common platforms and operating systems, applications programs, networking, and many other problem-solving tools necessary to effectively use computers on a daily basis.

Specific platforms and environments thoroughly discussed include MS-DOS®, Microsoft® Windows™, the Macintosh® and its various systems, UNIX™, DEC VAX™, IBM® mainframes, OS/2®, Windows™ NT, and NeXTSTEP™. Word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, integrated packages, computer presentation systems, groupware, and a number of useful utilities are also covered. Several extensive sections in the book are devoted to mathematical and statistical software. Information is provided on circuits and control simulation programs, finite element tools, and solid modeling tools.

Table of Contents

Part I: Platforms and Environments, P.W. Ross
MS-DOS for IBM PCs, P.W. Ross
Microsoft Windows, P.W. Ross
The Macintosh, V. Longenecker
Hypercard, E. Katz
Basics of the UNIX System, A. Sanders and R. Pickering
Typical Workstation Environments, A. Sanders and R. Pickering
The X-Windows System, A. Sanders and R. Pickering
Motif, A. Sanders and R. Pickering
DEC VAX, R.L. Davis, L. Knox, and T. Mertz
IBM Mainframes, C. Lohr and B. Walton
OS/2, J. Griffioen and J. Edwards
NeXTSTEP, D.H. Hutchens
Part II: Structured and Object-Oriented Programming
The Elements of Structured Programming and C, J. Kiper and C. Ames
Objective C and C++, C. Erickson
Object Oriented Programming, T. Eyck
Eiffel; A Language for Object Oriented Software Engineering, R. Howard
Small, but Mighty; Smalltalk, T. Murphy
Part III: Application Packages, W. Davis
WordPerfect 5.1 and 6.0 for DOS, D. Hartung
WordPerfect for Windows, D. Hartung
Word for Windows, P.W. Ross
Ami Pro, T. Leuthold
Desktop Publishing, N.R. Bauman and P.W. Ross
Corel Ventura Publisher, R. Sutor
QuarkXpress, R. Sabharwal
Typesetting with TEX and LaTEX, A. Hoenig
Spreadsheets, D. Byrkett and R. Jaworski
dBase IV, D. Duricy
Microsoft Access, M. Allen
Microsoft Works, P.W. Ross
Claris Works, J. Whitcomb
Computer Presentation Systems, T.M. Rajkamur
Utilities and Miscellaneous Programs, K. Greiner and T. Leuthold
ActionWorkflow, Action Technologies
Lotus Notes, D. Cole
Part IV: Mathematical and Statistical Software, P. Ross
Axiom, R. Sutor
Derive, W. Roque
Macsyma, R. Petti
MAPLE, F. Wicklin
MathCad, F. Lichauco
Mathematica, P.C. Abbott
MATLAB, R. Prata
Computer Algebra Systems, P.N. DeSouz
Minitab, W.C. Rinaman
SAS, T. Krehbiel
BMDP, W.C. Rinaman
STATA, S. Becketti
S-Plus, R. Treder
WinSTAT, R. Fitch
Part V: Engineering Tools, P.W. Ross
SPICE, D. Moore
MATRIX, T.M. Artim, M. Chorich, and M. Ekblad
CADACS, C. Schmiad nd M. Jamshidi
FULDEK, M. Dreier and G. Cunningham
KHOROS, G. Donohoe
VISION, A. Zilochian
Neural Networks with MATLAB, A. Zilochian
ALGOR, W.C. Paulsen
ANSYS, T. Trainer
COGO, O. Ettouney
SmartCAM, O. Ettouney
Part VI: Data Communications and Networking, P.W. Morosoff
Modems and Interfaces, M. Pullen and D. Jensen
Local Area Networks, M. Pullen and D. Jensen
Telecommunication Software, K. Greiner, and P.W. Ross
Novell Networks, R. Hocutt
Windows for Workgroups, P.W. Ross
The Internet, L. Knox and P.W. Ross
ASCII Codes, P.W. Ross
RS-232 Ports and Pinouts, P.W. Ross
Centronics Parallel Printer Ports and Pinouts, P.W. Ross
ANSI Escape Sequences, P.W. Ross

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