Revival: The Life of Caesar (1933)  book cover
1st Edition

Revival: The Life of Caesar (1933)

ISBN 9781138568808
Published January 29, 2019 by Routledge
526 Pages

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Book Description

Translated from Italian into English, The Life of Caesar, by thethe author, is, as the title would suggest, a biography of the great Roman Dictator Julius Caesar. The author's book, however, cannot be described just as a biography. His work, in fact, can be more accurately defined as a complete history not only of Julius Caesar's life, but also of his times, the time of the fall of the Roman Republic.

Table of Contents

I. Rome and Italy a Century Before Christ II. The Sulian Reaction III. Caesar’s Debut in Politics IV. The Conquest of Bithynia V. The Invasion of Pontus and the Praetorship of Crassus VI. The New Popular Party VII. The Conquest of Armenia and the Financial Crisis in Italy VIII. The Fall of Lucullus IX. Cicero and the Manilian Law X. The Egyptian Project XI. How Caesar became a Demagogue XII. Catiline XIII. The Return of Pompey and the Trial of Clodius XIV. The Three-headed Monster XV. Empire-Building XVI. Caesar’s First Year in Gaul XVII. The Annexation of Gaul XVIII. Democratic Imperialism XIX. The Second Consulship of Crassus and Pompey XX. The ‘Conquest’ of Britain XXI. The Invasion of Parthia XXII. The Great Crisis of Democratic imperialism XXIII. The Disorders and Progress of Italy XXIV. The ‘De Bello Gallico’ and the ‘De Republica’ XXV. The Campaign of Curio XXVI. Initium Tumultus XXVII. Bellum Civile XXVIII. The War In Spain XXIX. Pharasalia XXX. Cleopatra XXXI. Caesar’s Triumphs XXXII. Caesars Last Ambition XXXIV.The Ides of March Index

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Guglielmo Ferrero (July 21, 1871 — August 3, 1942) was an Italian historian, journalist and novelist, author of the Greatness and Decline of Rome (5 volumes, published after English translation 1907–1909). Ferrero devoted his writings to classical liberalism and he opposed any kind of dictatorship and Big Government. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature twenty times in six years.