1st Edition

Revival: The Quest for God in China (1925)

By F. W. S. O'Neill, Copyright 1925
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    Those who are determined to find the beliefs of other people altogether wrong are recommended not to read this book. No one indeed would care openly to avow such a determination. At the same time, there are very few of us who are able to preserve an unwavering attitude of trust in all assorts of conditions of men. Especially is this the case when our humankind is separated into parties, nations, and religions, labelled with names to some of which in differing ways we have been accustomed to attach associations of dislike. This book discusses Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Mohammedanism to educate the public as well as theological students.

    Preface. Note. Chapter 1. Religion and Life Chapter 2. How to Attain Peace Chapter 3. The Open Court Chapter 4. The basis of Conservatism Chapter 5. Is Goodness Natural to Man? Chapter 6. Deliverance for All Chapter 7. The Pure Land Chapter 8. The Meaning of the Light of Asia Chapter 9. The Hero as Prophet Chapter 10. The New Thought Tide Chapter 11. From Dependence to Leadership Chapter 11. The Message of the West to the East.


    Rev Frederick O'Neill (1870 - 1952):

    Rev Frederick William Scott O’Neill was a Presbyterian missionary who spent much of his long and exciting career in the Far East, mostly in Chinese lands, and was awarded the Order of Wen-Hu, or the Order of the Striped Tiger by the Republic of China (Taiwan), a rare honour for non-military personnel or indeed an Ulsterman.

    O'Neill was born in Belfast and educated there, at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, and Queen’s College, where he graduated with first class honours in Mental and Moral Science (Royal University of Ireland 1892). After postgraduate study at Assembly’s College, and one year as the first Theological Travelling Secretary of the Student Christian, was ordained on 30 August 1897 and travelled at once to Manchuria where he was assigned to the small country town of Faku in Liaoning province, where he built a church, schools and a hospital.