1st Edition

Revival: The Third Way Transformation of Social Democracy (2002)
Normative Claims and Policy Initiatives in the 21st Century

Edited By

Oliver Schmidtke

ISBN 9781138720350
Published January 28, 2019 by Routledge
262 Pages

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Book Description

This title was first published in 2002. This multi-faceted account of the transformation of social democracy in Europe provides a unique critical discussion of the normative claims and the key policy initiatives that characterize Third Way politics. Designed to cover a broad range of aspects, this text provides fresh understanding of the transformation of social democratic politics in a globalizing world. Including accounts of the changes in the socio-political environment in which the New Social Democracy operates, the socio-cultural roots of Third Way politics and the underlying political and ideological shift of the contemporary established left, this text offers comparative insights into national case studies and an interpretative framework for the transformation that this political force has undergone in recent years. The reader will benefit from this book’s expert and easily accessible multi-faceted approach to one of the key political issues in contemporary Western societies.

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction: Transforming the social democratic left: the challenges to third way politics in the age of globalization, Oliver Schmidtke. Organizing the Economy in the Age of Globalization - The Unsurmountable Challenge for the Social Democratic Left?: The comparative political economy of the ’Third Way’, Peter A. Hall; The state and globalization, Saskia Sassen. What is the Third Way? The Role of Social Democratic Regimes in Comparative Perspectives: Third ways in Britain and Europe, Stephen Driver and Luke Martell; D’Alema’s dilemmas: third way, Italian style, Vincent Della Sala; The third way in France: tertium non datur?, Serenella Sferza. Culture, Ideas and Political Space: Where Does the Third Way Come From and Where Will it go?: Still a third way, or, at least any alternatives to world capitalism? some remarks on the fundamental split between the intellectual critique of capitalism and real political powers, Michael Th. Greven; From the ’anti-revisionist left’ to the ’new centre’: reflections on the ancestry of ’modernized’ social democracy, Frank Unger; Beyond the politics of nostalgia, Warren Magnusson. Third Way Politics in Practice - New Political Spaces for Democratic Renewal?: Urban governance restructuring: a template for new progressive politics or the endrun of neoliberal urbanism?, Roger Keil; Federalism and the third way: possibilities for post-parliamentary democratic governance, Thomas O. Hueglin; Index.

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’As social democratic governments tumble across almost all of Europe after their great "triumph" of only five years ago, nothing may be more important to the future of democratic market societies than understanding what is wrong and what needs to be put right on the Left. This volume, edited by Oliver Schmidtke, is one of the best places to start.’ Professor George Ross, Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA