1st Edition

Revival: Ultraviolet Light in Water and Wastewater Sanitation (2002)

ISBN 9781138562882
Published January 25, 2019 by CRC Press
188 Pages

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Book Description

Several general books are available on ultraviolet light and its applications. However, this is the first comprehensive monograph that deals with its application to water and wastewater treatment. There is a rapidly growing interest in using UV light in water sanitation due to the increased knowledge of the potential health and environmental impacts of disinfection byproducts.

Ultraviolet Light in Water and Wastewater Sanitation integrates the fundamental physics applicable to water and wastewater sanitation, the engineering aspects, and the practical experience in the field. The text analyzes the concerns associated with this application of UV light and brings together comprehensive information on the presently available UV technologies applicable to water and wastewater treatment including: lamp technologies, criteria of evaluation and choice of technology; fundamental principles; performance criteria for disinfection; design criteria and methods; synergistic use of UV and oxidants (advanced oxidation); and functional requirements and potential advantages and drawbacks of the technique.

Ultraviolet Light in Water and Wastewater Sanitation is the only treatise currently available combining fundamental knowledge, recommendations for design, evaluations of performance, and future prospects for this application. Water and wastewater treatment professionals, water utility employees, governmental regulators, and chemists will find this book an essential and unique reference for a technology which has received growing regulatory acceptance.

Table of Contents

Historical: Use of UV Light in Drinking Water Treatment
Present State of Standards and Regulations
Definition of Ultraviolet Light: Range and Natural Sources
Solar Radiant Energy

Available Lamp (or Burner) Technologies
Mercury Emission Lamps
Currently Available Commercial Lamp Technologies
Available Lamp Technologies
Special Lamp Technologies
Preliminary Guidelines for Choice of Lamp Technology
UV Emission Yields and Mode of Control
Zonal Distribution of Emitted Light

Use of Ultraviolet Light for Disinfection of Drinking Water
Germicidal Action
Dose-Efficiency Concept
Representative Test Organisms
Competitive Effects in Disinfection with UV-Light
Multihit, Multisite, and Step-by-Step Killing Concepts
Design Factors for Reactor Geometry
Mixing Conditions in UV-Water Treatment
Operational Control of Efficiency
Tentative Design Questionnaire for UV-Based Disinfection Units for Drinking Water

Use of UV in Photochemical Synergistic Oxidation Processes in Water Sanitation
Basic Principles
Combinations of Hydrogen Peroxide and UV-Light
Synergism of Ozone and UV in Water Sanitation
UV-Catalytic Processes
Tentative Design Rules for UV-Synergistic Oxidation Processes

Use of UV Light for Sanitation of Wastewater
Regulations and Guidelines for Disinfection of Treated Wastewater
General Characteristics of Effluents in Relation to Disinfection by UV-Light
Aftergrowth and Photorepair after Exposure to UV Disinfection of Wastewater
Applied UV Doses in Wastewater Disinfection
Choice of Lamp Technology in Wastewater Disinfection
Toxicity and Formation of By-Products
Preliminary Conclusions on Wastewater Disinfection with UV

General Conclusions

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