1st Edition

Revolution or Reform? A Confrontation

By Thomas Molnar, Herbert Marcuse Copyright 1981
    111 Pages
    by Routledge

    120 Pages
    by Routledge

    This series provides a forum for the critical review of enduring issues concerning ethics and society. The text of the debate between Herbert Marcuse and Sir Karl Popper which follows in this volume raises many important issues. The crucial issues between the two participants are (1) their anthropological-axiological positions with respect to the “nature” of man, society, and the practical functions of democracy as a mode of self-government; (2) the conceptions of science and of philosophy which lie behind each thinker’s claims with respect to these; and (3) their respective conceptions of the means required and feasible for attaining their respective social goals. The remarks which follow will attempt to focus upon, and deal critically with, the problems implicit in these three areas.

    Marxism, Liberalism, and the Foundations of Scientific Method: Introductory Essay — Frederic L. Bender 1 The Theses 55 Political Autobiography — Herbert Marcuse Sir Karl Popper 57 Critique and Program — Herbert Marcuse: The New Society Sir Karl Popper: The Open Society 65 Theoretical Background — Herbert Marcuse Sir Karl Popper


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