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Revolutionary Thought and Radical Movements

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Marxism 1844-1990 Origins, Betrayal, Rebirth

Marxism 1844-1990: Origins, Betrayal, Rebirth

1st Edition

By Roger S. Gottlieb
August 14, 1992

Is Marxism really dead? Or can it play a positive role in creating a just and fulfilling society? This original study responds to these questions with a passionate and penetrating assessment of Marxism from its origins to the present day....

The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement

The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement

1st Edition

By Margaret Cruikshank
August 20, 1992

Gay and lesbian liberation as a sexual freedom movement, as a political movement, and as a movement of ideas - historical roots, legal issues and links with other movements. The author emphasises the role of women....

Radical Ecology The Search for a Livable World

Radical Ecology: The Search for a Livable World

2nd Edition

By Carolyn Merchant
June 23, 2005

This is a new edition of the classic examination of major philosophical, ethical, scientific and economic roots of environmental problems which examines the ways that radical ecologists can transform science and society in order to sustain life on this planet. It features a new Introduction from ...

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