1st Edition

Revolutionizing Communication The Role of Artificial Intelligence

    232 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Revolutionizing Communication: The Role of Artificial Intelligence explores the wide-ranging effects of AI on how we connect and communicate, changing social interactions, relationships, and the very structure of our society. Through insightful analysis, practical examples, and knowledgeable perspectives, the book examines chatbots, virtual assistants, natural language processing, and more. It shows how these technologies have a significant impact on cultural productions, business, education, ethics, advertising, media, journalism, and interpersonal interactions.

    Revolutionizing Communication is a guide to comprehending the present and future of communication in the era of AI. It provides invaluable insights for professionals, academics, and everyone interested in the significant changes occurring in our digital age.



    1. Artificial Intelligence. Genesis, Development, and Future

    Dr. Raquel V. Benítez Rojas

    2. The Evolution of Motion Graphics Through Contemporary AI Technologies

    Dr. Francisco-Julián Martínez-Cano and Dr. Raquel V. Benítez Rojas

    3. A Look at the Crossroads of Artificial Intelligence, Films, Video Games, and Virtual Reality

     Dr. Francisco-Julián Martínez-Cano

    4. AI and the Development of New Audiovisual Narratives

    Dr. Samuel Viñolo Locubiche

    5. Talking to Strangers: The Challenges of Conversational AI and Human Expectations

     Dr. Richard Lachman

    6. The Linguistic Effects of Artificial Intelligence on the adequacy, coherence and cohesion of texts. What do We Stop Telling in the New Digital Age? 

    Dr. Beatriz Morales Fernández

    7. The Deepfake Technique in the Service of Advertising Creativity from a Social Perspective: Case Study of the Seguimos Hablando Campaign (2019)

     Dr. Rocío Cifuentes-Albeza

    8. Artificial Intelligence in Video Game Design: Crafting Narratives, Ethics, and Engagement

    Dr. Kris Alexander and Thoreau Bakker

    9. AI Chatbots: A Long Awaited Mirror

    Dr. Antonio Díaz-Lucena and Dr. Pilar Vicente-Fernández

    10. Artificial Intelligence Tools Used in Communication Companies: Progress or Disaster?

     Dr. Alba-María Martinez-Sala, Dr. Juan Monserrat-Gauchi and Dr. Carmen Quiles-Soler

    11. Adaptive Ai and Interactive Narrative Possibilities in Media

     Dr. Kemal Deniz


    12. Local Media in the Age of AI

     Dr. Tatiana Santos Gonçalvez

    13. Automated Journalism in Turkish Media Before the Rise of Generative AI

    Sena Ozkurt Azimli and Dr. Erkan Saka

    14. The Interrelation Between Journalism, Artificial Intelligence and Professional Ethics: Ethical Reflections in The Digital Era

    Ramiro Ruales, Dr. Galo Vásconez and Andrés Murillo

    15. The Phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence in Film Festivals: The Case of +RAIN Film Fest

    Dr. Montserrat Jurado-Martín

    16. Cinderella Named "Artificial Intelligence": Media Image of Artificial Intelligence in Alternative Media (Case Study from Slovakia)

     Dr. Hedviga Tkácová


    Dr. Raquel V. Benítez Rojas, MAC, MBA, CMP is Program Coordinator and Professor in the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts at Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Canada.

     Dr. Francisco Julián Martínez Cano, Ph.D, MFA, DEA, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, Spain.