6th Edition

Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements

By James DeFronzo Copyright 2022
    590 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    590 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    With crucial insights and indispensable information concerning modern-day political upheavals, the sixth edition of Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements provides a representative cross-section of many of the most significant revolutions of the modern era. Students can trace the historical development of eleven revolutions using a five-factor analytical framework. Attention is devoted to clearly explaining all relevant concepts and events, the roles of key leaders, and the interrelation of each revolutionary movement with international economic and political developments and conflicts.

    New to this edition:

    • Expanded coverage of women and revolution with profiles of individual women revolutionaries.
    • Coverage of the recent student movement in Hong Kong as well as economic developments in China, Chinese international influence and international economic development projects, and trade relations with the US during the Trump administration.
    • Changes in US policy toward Cuba during the Trump administration.
    • Examination of the cancellation of the Iran nuclear agreement by the Trump administration, Trump administration policies towards Iran, the impacts on Iran and Iranian reactions, and Iranian and Saudi Arabian involvement in Yemen.
    • Coverage of the near extinction of geographic ISIS caliphate, terrorist attacks, and the implications of US policy on Palestinians and Middle Eastern countries during the Trump administration.
    • Examination of persisting economic inequality, corruption, and recent South African political developments and government actions.
    • Analysis of revolutionary movements in Venezuela and Bolivia and coverage of major political developments and events in both countries.
    • Trump administration policy toward authoritarian states in the Middle East and implications for the possibility of pro-democracy movements in Middle Eastern countries.
    • Updated student resources include multiple orienting maps, summary and analysis sections, chronologies, and documentary resources.


    1. Social Movements and Revolutions

    2. The Russian Revolutions and Eastern Europe

    3. Revolution in China

    4. The Vietnamese Revolution

    5. The Cuban Revolution

    6. Revolution in Nicaragua

    7. The Iranian Revolution and Islamic Fundamentalism

    8. Islamic Revolutionary Movements

    9. South Africa

    10. Revolution Through Democracy

    11. The Arab Revolution

    12. Conclusions


    James DeFronzo is emeritus faculty of sociology at the University of Connecticut. His books include The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences, the award-winning three-volume encyclopedia Revolutionary Movements in World History, now available in more than sixty nations on six continents around the globe, and Social Problems and Social Movements (co-authored with Jungyun Gill). He is also the author of numerous articles on political sociology, revolutionary movements, criminology, and social policy related to crime.

    "As illuminating as each of the first five editions and alive to the times we are living through, James DeFronzo’s continuously evolving presentation of what revolutions are and why they matter invites us once again to think about what it might mean to change the world, together."

    John Foran, Global climate justice activist and Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

    "DeFronzo’s book has gained a well-deserved reputation as a classic on revolutions and revolutionary movements, and this new edition only reinforces that standing. Its compelling interpretive framework makes it an essential work on the subject."

    Marc Becker, Professor of Latin American History, Truman State University, USA

    "Defronzo’s book provides very well-written and well-informed overviews of major revolutionary movements in the 20th century—including the Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, Nicaraguan and Iranian revolutions—and helps the reader understand the circumstances that led to their success. The updated edition includes updated analysis of left-wing revolutionary movements in Venezuela and Bolivia in the 21st century and the Arab Spring, along with updated student resources such as maps and analysis of U.S. foreign policy toward revolutionary movements and governments in the Trump era. The book is highly recommended for undergraduate and graduate students and any reader seeking to better understand modern world history and the world today."

    Jeremy Kuzmarov, managing editor of CovertAction Magazine and Professor of History at Tulsa Community College, USA, author of four books on US foreign policy

    "DeFronzo’s smart and accessible text remains the premier one-stop shop for those interested in the major revolutions and revolutionary movements of the last hundred years. This essential guide and compelling companion is an excellent entry point into this fascinating field."

    Eric Selbin, Lucy King Brown Chair, Southwestern University, USA

    "As a college instructor who has long focused on the phenomenon of revolution, I heartily welcome the newly-published sixth edition of James DeFronzo’s exemplary Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements. The eleven revolutions analyzed in this new volume illuminate the expanding impact of contemporary revolution on globalization. Each revolution is analyzed according to a 'five-factor analytical framework' and is enhanced by helpful chronologies, maps, and bibliographies. I enthusiastically commend this new volume to your careful consideration."

    Richard Bohr, Emeritus Professor of History and Emeritus Director of Asian Studies, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, USA

    "DeFronzo’s latest edition remains the preeminent text for undergraduate courses on global revolution. The updated sixth edition comparatively examines the origin, evolution, and outcome of the most significant revolutions that occurred over the last century in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Its introductory theoretical chapter explores the underlying forces that drive revolution, while the summary, analysis, chronology of major events, references, and list of documentaries culminating each chapter facilitate teaching and student research."

    John J. Dwyer, Department of History, Duquesne University, USA

    "James DeFronzo's Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements is an indispensable text for studying 20th- and 21st-century revolutions. This well-written volume will be useful to policy analysts, journalists, scholars, and students."

    Mark N. Katz, George Mason University, USA