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Rewriting Ancient Jewish History
The History of the Jews in Roman Times and the New Historical Method

ISBN 9781138641488
Published May 17, 2016 by Routledge
228 Pages

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Half a century ago, the primary contours of the history of the Jews in Roman times were not subject to much debate. This standard account collapsed, however, when a handful of insights undermined the traditional historical method, the method long enlisted by historians for eliciting facts from sources. In response to these insights, a new historical method gradually emerged. Rewriting Ancient Jewish History critiques the traditional historical method and makes a case for the new one, illustrating how to write anew ancient Jewish history.

At the heart of the traditional historical method lie three fundamental presumptions. The traditional historical method regularly presumes that multiple versions of a text or tradition are equally authentic; it presumes that many ancient Jewish sources are the products of largely immanent forces of cloistered Jewish communities; and, barring any local grounds for suspicion, it presumes that most ancient Jewish texts faithfully reflect their sources and reliably recount events. Rewriting Ancient Jewish History unfurls the failings of this approach; it promotes the new historical method which circumvents the flawed traditional presumptions while plotting anew the limits of rational argumentation in historical inquiry. This crucial reappraisal is a must-read for students of Jewish and Roman history alike, and a fascinating case-study in how historians should approach their ancient sources.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I: Authenticity

Chapter 1: Can Multiple Versions of a Text be Equally Authentic?

Part II: Hermeneutics

Chapter 2: The Rabbis as Unusual Romans

Part III: Credibility

Chapter 3: An Introduction to Credibility: On Sources, Credibility and Corroboration

Chapter 4: Recovering Josephus’s Sources

Chapter 5: Josephus and History

Chapter 6: The Traditional Historical Method on the Credibility of Rabbinic Literature

Chapter 7: The Collapse of the Traditional Presumptions about Rabbinic Literature

Chapter 8: The New Historical Method on the Credibility of Rabbinic Literature: Three Case Studies

Part IV: Conclusion

Chapter 9: On Hillel the Elder’s Rise to Greatness



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Amram Tropper, Ph.D. (2002) Oxford University, is Senior Lecturer in Jewish History at Ben-Gurion University. His previous publications include Wisdom, Politics, and Historiography (Oxford, 2004), Like Clay in the Hands of the Potter (Merkaz Zalman Shazar, 2011) and Simeon the Righteous in Rabbinic Literature (Brill, 2013).