Rewriting Antiquity

Rewriting Antiquity provides a platform to examine major themes of the ancient world in a broad, holistic and inclusive fashion. Coverage is broad both in time and space, allowing a full appreciation of the selected topic rather than an exclusive view bound by a relatively short timescale and place. Each volume examines a key theme from the Ancient Near East to Late Antiquity, and often beyond, to break down the boundaries habitually created by focusing on one region or time period.

Volumes within the series highlight the latest research, current developments and innovative approaches, situating this with existing scholarship. Individual case studies and analysis held within sections build to form a comprehensive and comparative overview of the subject enabling readers to view matters in the round and establish interconnections and resonance across a wide spectrum. In this way the volumes allow new directions of study to be defined and provide differing perspectives to stimulate fresh approaches to the theme examined.

Forthcoming volumes:

  • Globalisation in Antiquity - Konstantinos Vlassopoulos
  • Childhood in Antiquity - Lesley Beaumont, Matthew Dillon and Nicola Harrington
  • Eschatology in Antiquity - Hilary Marlow, Karla Pollmann and Helen Van Noorden
  • Disability in Antiquity book cover

    Disability in Antiquity

    Edited by Christian Laes

    This volume is a major contribution to the field of disability history in the ancient world. Contributions from leading international scholars examine deformity and disability from a variety of historical, sociological and theoretical perspectives, as represented in various media. The volume is not…

    Hardback – 2016-09-30
    Rewriting Antiquity

  • Women in Antiquity: Real Women across the Ancient World book cover

    Women in Antiquity

    Real Women across the Ancient World

    Edited by Stephanie Lynn Budin, Jean Macintosh Turfa

    This volume gathers brand new essays from some of the most respected scholars of ancient history, archaeology, and physical anthropology to create an engaging overview of the lives of women in antiquity. The book is divided into ten sections, nine focusing on a particular area, and also includes…

    Hardback – 2016-08-18
    Rewriting Antiquity

  • Sex in Antiquity: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World book cover

    Sex in Antiquity

    Exploring Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

    Edited by Mark Masterson, Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, James Robson

    Looking at sex and sexuality from a variety of historical, sociological and theoretical perspectives, as represented in a variety of media, Sex in Antiquity represents a vibrant picture of the discipline of ancient gender and sexuality studies, showcasing the work of leading international scholars…

    Hardback – 2014-12-18
    Rewriting Antiquity