1st Edition

Rhabdoviruses Volume I

By D. H. L. Bishop Copyright 1979

    The goal of this book series has been to provide an overview of rhabdovirology as a whole (including an appraisal of current research findings), suitable for students, teachers, and, research workers. To realize this goal many of the research leaders in the different disciplines of rhabdovirology were asked to contribute chapters.

    1. Natural History of the Rhabdoviruses of Vertebrates and Invertebrates 2. Systems for Assay and Growth of Rehabdoviruses 3. Serologic Relationships of Animal Rhabdoviruses 4. Electron Microscopy of The Rehabdoviruses of Animals 5. The Lipid Envelope and Chemical Composition of Rehabdoviruses 6. Rehabdoviral RNA Structure 7. Rhabdovirus Nucleocapsid 8. Structure, Synthesis, and Function of The Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Glycoprotein 9. Viral Membrane Protein Structure and Function 10. Viral Transcriptase


    D. H. L. Bishop