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1st Edition

Rice Improvement in the Genomics Era

Edited By

Swapan K. Datta

ISBN 9780367387136
Published October 18, 2019 by CRC Press
504 Pages 55 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Rice is probably the most important food crop in the world, feeding half its population. Rice Improvement in the Genomics Era examines the findings in the current studies of rice improvement, using the modern genomic tools available in today’s agriculture to better enable food security and human welfare. This comprehensive text describes in detail the latest tools of genomics and the application of biotechnology to improve this crucial food crop that is the most important staple of developing countries. Top respected experts in rice science and genomics offer the latest in cutting-edge science and research based on genome sequencing, gene technology, and molecular biology. Rice Improvement in the Genomics Era provides a wide range of information essential to any professional concerned with food safety, security, and sustainability. This valuable source comprehensively and accurately describes rice science from the basics of modern genomics on up to the application of biotechnology. This text is extensively referenced, and includes photographs, tables, graphs, and figures to clearly present information.

Topics discussed include: • rice genome sequencing project and its impact • gene expression using microarray system • haploid breeding • hybrid rice technology • Bt and disease resistance • abiotic stress tolerance • ensuring rice quality • genetically improved nutrition in rice • human milk proteins in rice grains • food safety of transgenic crops • and much more! Rice Improvement in the Genomics Era is an informative resource for educators, students, rice scientists, rice breeders, plant biotechnologists, researchers, and policymakers in agricultural sciences, rice improvement, and biotechnology. This source is a crucial addition to agricultural institutions, libraries, and teaching organizations.

Table of Contents

Foreword, G.S. Khush
The International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP) and Its Impact on Rice Genomics, T. Sasaki
Background of Rice Genome Sequencing
History of IRGSP
IRGSP Sequencing Strategy
Sequence Data Analysis
Application to Rice Research
Application to Cereal Research
Comprehensive Analysis of Rice Gene Expression by Using the Microarray System: What We Have Learned from the Microarray Project, S. Kikuchi, J. Yazaki, N. Kishimoto, M. Ishikawa, and D. Endo
The Rice Microarray System
What Kinds of Knowledge Have Been Accumulated
Studies Using the Rice Microarray System to Address the Physiology of This Plant
Studies Using the Microarray System to Address the Physiology of Plants Other Than Rice
Rice Improvement: Taking Advantage of New Technologies, D.J. Mackill
Achievements and Limitations of Conventional Rice Breeding
Linkage Maps and Marker-Assisted Selection
Functional Genomics
Future Prospects
Haploid Breeding in Rice Improvement, S.K. Datta, L.B. Torrizo, G.B. Gregorio, and H.P. Moon
Breeding Objectives and Accomplishments
In Vitro Selection
Culture Conditions
Phenotypic Selection
Marker-Assisted Selection of Dihaploids
Dihaploids in Genomics
Salt-Tolerant Lines Developed Through Anther Culture of F1s
Use of Another Culture in Transgenics
Conclusions and Future Prospects
Hybrid Rice Technology, S.S. Virmani and I. Kumar
Extent of Heterosis and Its Physiological Basis
Accomplishment in Developing and Commercializing Rice Hybrids in China and Outside
Genetic Tools for Developing Rice Hybrids
Hybrid Rice Seed Production
Biotechnological Tools for Hybrid Rice Breeding and Seed Production
Economic Considerations in Hybrid Rice Technology
Current Approaches to Improve Yield Heterosis
Current Approaches for Grain Quality Improvement in Hybrid Rice
Future Outlook
Stem Borer Resistance: Bt Rice, N. Baisakh and S. K. Datta
Major Insect Pests of Rice
Crop Protection Strategies: Pros and Cons
Bt Insecticidal Protein
Historical Development in Genetic Engineering for Bt Transgenics
Concerns Over Introducing Bt Crops in the Field/Market
Biotechnological Approach of Disease Resistance in Rice, K. Datta and S.K. Datta
Defense Mechanisms in Plants
Disease Resistance in Rice
Molecular Aspects of Rice Blast Disease Resistance: Insights from Structural and Functional Analysis of the Pi-Ta and AVR-Pita Gene Pair, Y. Jia and B. Valent
Rice Pi-Ta Gene
Magnaporthe grisea AVR-Pita Gene
Current Challenges in Rice Blast Research
Future Perspectives
Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Rice, A. Grover, A. Chandramouli, S. Agarwal, S. Katiyar-Agarwal, M. Agarwal, and C. Sahi
Worldwide Impact of Abiotic Stresses in Rice Cultivation
Basic Tenets of Abiotic Stress Responses in Rice
Molecular Changes Associated with Abiotic Stresses
Development of Abiotic Stress-Tolerant Transgenic Rice
Genomics and Proteomics of Abiotic Stresses in Rice
Research Gaps and Future Prospects
Rice End Use Quality, J. S. Bao, R. Fjellstrom, and C. Bergman
Current Understanding
Future Prospects
Potential Barriers to Technology Having a Full Impact
Genetically Improved Nutrition in Rice, S.K. Datta
Rice Genome and Nutrition Profile
Transgenic Approach to Improve Carotenoids in Rice
Effect of Cooking on Carotenoids Profile
Evaluation of Iron in Rice Germplasm
Development of Transgenic High-Iron Rice
Histochemical Localization of Ferritin Protein and Beta-Carotene in Rice Seeds
Estimation of Iron in Rice Grain
Synergism of Iron, Zinc, and Beta-Carotene Interaction and Absorption in Rice Grain
Evaluation of “Golden Rice”; and High-Iron Rice Under Screen House Conditions
Bioavailability of Plant-Based Carotenoids and Iron
Carotenoids and Beta-Carotene Bioavailability
Iron and Zinc Bioavailability and the Role of Phytic Acid
Improvement of Lysine and Other Nutrients
Expression of Human Milk Proteins in Mature Rice Grains, S. Nandi and N. Huang
Selection of Promoters and Plant Transformation
Expression of HLYS and HLF in Rice Grain
Inheritance and Stability of Expression
Molecular Weight and Glycosylation
N-Terminal Amino Acid Sequence and Surface Charges
Antimicrobial Activity
pH Treatment
Nutrient Value
Factors That Contribute to High Expression Levels
Utilization of Recombinant LYS and LF
Future Prospect
Nitrogen Fixation in Rice: A Reality or Dream, M. Dey and S.K. Datta
Relevance of the Genomic Era: An Introduction
Nodulation and Legumes
An Evolutionary Perspective of Symbiosis
Discussion: The Context of Rice
Rice for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security, M.S. Swaminathan and S. Appa Rao
Introduction: Challenges Ahead
Rice for Food and Nutrition Security
Producing More Sustainably: Shifting to an Era of Precision Farming
Research Strategies and Priorities
Food Safety of Transgenic Crops, B.M. Chassy
Principles of Safety Assessment of Transgenic Crops
Safety Questions Common to All Novel Foods
Safety Issues for Transgenic Rice
Consumer Acceptance of Transgenic Crops and Foods: The Way Forward
Reference Notes Included

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Swapan K. Datta