1st Edition

Rich And Poor States In The Middle East Egypt And The New Arab Order

    492 Pages
    by Routledge

    482 Pages
    by Routledge

    While oil wealth has enriched some Middle East Arab nations, others that lack oil resources have remained poor and are looking now to their oil-rich neighbors for development assistance. This collection of studies on the economic, social, and political relationships between the haves and the have-nots in the Middle East focuses on Egypt-the largest

    Preface -- Introduction: Egypt in the Shadow of the Gulf -- The New Arab Social Order -- Oil, Migration and the New Arab Social Order -- Migration and Social Mobility in Egypt -- The New Arab Economic Order -- The Arab Economy and Its Developing Strategy: A New Arab Economic Order -- Arab Capital and Trilateral Ventures in the Middle East: Is Three a Crowd? -- The Predicament of the Arab Gulf Oil States: Individual Gains and Collective Losses -- Expatriate Labor and Economic Growth: Saudi Demand for Egyptian Labor -- The Open Door Economic Policy in Egypt: Its Contribution to Investment and Its Equity Implications -- External Factors in the Reorientation of Egypt's Economic Policy -- The New Arab Political Order -- The New Arab Political Order: Implications for the 1980s -- Implementation Capability and Political Feasibility of the Open Door Policy in Egypt -- Oil, Arms, and Regional Diplomacy: Strategic Dimensions of the Saudi-Egyptian Relationship -- Egypt and the Arabs in the Future: Some Scenarios


    El Sayed Yassin, Malcolm H. Kerr, Jeswald Salacuse, Ismail Serageldin