1st Edition

Richard Storry - Collected Writings

Edited By Ian Nish, Richard Storry Copyright 2002

    This volume of the Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan series, published under the Japan Library imprint, collects the work of Richard Storry on contempory issues and the history of Japan.

    Introduction, Ian Nish; Richard Storry and Japanese Studies in Europe, Ian Nish; Part 1 Biography – The Otaru Years; Chapter 1 Extracts from Richard Storry’s Writings, Midorigaoka Shimbun; Chapter 2 Hokkaido in the Late Thirties; Chapter 3 Letter from Richard Storry to Ralph Carr, February 1939, Describing the China War; Chapter 4 ‘It Might have been the End of the World’; Chapter 5 Some Recollections of Hokkaido; Chapter 6 Japan; Part 2 ‘Double Patriots’ – the Pre-war Years; Chapter 7 Rumours of a Japanese–German Understanding on the Eve of the Armistice of 1918; Chapter 8 The Mukden Incident of September 18–19, 1931; Chapter 9 The English-language Presentation of Japan’s Case during the China Emergency of the Late Nineteen-Thirties; Chapter 10 Konoye Fumimaro; Chapter 11 Japan in the Thirties; Chapter 12 Japan’s Modernization Began with a Young Emperor Descended from the Sun; Chapter 13 Soldiers of the Showa Emperor, Review Article; Part 3 War and Peace; Chapter 14 The Greater East Asia War as the Japanese Saw It; Chapter 15 Letter from W. Bagge to Richard Storry; Chapter 16 Wartime Intelligence Procedures; Chapter 17 A Japanese View of Singapore’s Fall; Chapter 18 The Collapse of Japan; Chapter 19 Britain and Japan at War; Part 4 ‘Second Country’ – The Post-war Years; Chapter 20 Yoshida Shigeru and Japanese Politics Following the San Francisco Peace Treaty; Chapter 21 In Japan Last Autumn, 1958; Chapter 22 Japan in Autumn 1965; Chapter 23 Japan: Winter 1973–4; Chapter 24 A Trilateral Relationship and the Rest of the World; Chapter 25 Japan; Chapter 26 Kinjo Tenno – Emperor of Japan; Part 5 Biographical Writings; Chapter 27 Sir Alvary Gascoigne, 1893–1970; Chapter 28 Sir Esler Dening, 1897–1977; Chapter 29 Geoffrey Hudson, 1903–74; Chapter 30 Colonel Masanobu Tsuji; Chapter 31 Sazae-san; Chapter 32 ‘A Very Particular Englishman’; Chapter 33 Some Reflections on E.H. Norman; Part 6 General Culture and Japan; Chapter 34 Japanese Attitudes to the West; Chapter 35 The Image of Japan in England, 1870–1970; Chapter 36 The Image of Japan in British Literature; Chapter 37 Showa Japan;


    Ian Nish