1st Edition

Rick Sammon's Exploring Photographic Exposure Master Image Capture

By Rick Sammon Copyright 2018
    204 Pages
    by Routledge

    204 Pages
    by Routledge

    Light is the primary element of any photograph, but it may also be the most frustrating. Rick Sammon can help you eliminate those frustrations. With over 300 new images, Exploring Photographic Exposure takes you through the basics of exposure and how to apply them in any setting; from photographing wildlife to people, from landscapes to seascapes. Learn how to move away from the "spray and pray" approach by seeing light and applying camera settings to take fewer—and better—photos. Not just all tech talk, you’ll also learn how to explore exposure modes for more creative images, and to change and rescue exposures in post-processing.

    Key features include:

    • More than 300 before-and-after images on how to apply the basics of exposure concepts to a variety of genres, including wildlife photography, landscape photography, studio photography, and everything in-between;
    • A guide on controlling light in a photograph, and how light affects an exposure;
    • Tips on working with composition in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as well as Adobe Photoshop;
    • Advice on evolving as a photographer.

    Opening Statement

    Preface – Exposure and Beyond

    Introduction – The Exposure Triangle

    Chapter 1 Aperture and Depth-of-Field

    Chapter 2 Shutter Speed and Subject Movement

    Chapter 3 ISO and Light

    Chapter 4 Especially Important Exposure Triangle Settings

    Chapter 5 What Makes a Good Exposure?

    Chapter 6 How Light Affects an Exposure

    Chapter 7 Your In-camera Light Meter

    Chapter 8 Exploring Exposure Modes

    Chapter 9 Controlling Light

    Chapter 10 Magic of the Digital Darkroom

    Chapter 11 Capturing Star Trails – By Mike "Spike" Ince

    Chapter 12 Good Exposure + Good Composition + Interesting Subject = Good Photograph

    Chapter 13 Preserve Your Exposures

    Chapter 14 If a Picture . . .

    Epilogue – My One Picture Promise

    Author Biography




    Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer/author/educator Rick Sammon is a tireless, prolific and inspirational image-maker. He divides his photography time between creating images (for his thirty-seven books and fourteen online classes), leading photo workshops (five or six a year) and making personal appearances (more than a dozen a year). In his personal time, Rick plays guitar and piano daily.

    Rick’s enthusiasm for digital imaging and teaching is contagious. He is a man on a mission–a mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting and rewarding for others.

    Visit Rick at www.ricksammon.com.