1st Edition

Riddles in Your Teacup

By P Ghose, D Home Copyright 1994
    188 Pages
    by CRC Press

    188 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Natural phenomena and ordinary, everyday things often contain surprises and puzzles when we attempt to understand them in terms of basic physical principles. Trying to explain what we see around us can even help us to understand physical principles more fully.

    Written by two well-known popularizers of science, Riddles in Your Teacup, Second Edition focuses on many puzzles, both simple and advanced, that relate to these phenomena. Revised and enlarged, this fascinating second edition contains challenging questions about everyday scientific mysteries. It presents an amusing and entertaining collection of puzzles and solutions, including some riddles that have continued to defy explanation.

    Foreword by Paul Davies
    Preface to the second edition
    Acknowledgments and bibliography
    Questions: Kettle croon-physics around the kitchen
    Our daily bread
    Play time
    Flow, fluid flow
    Through the palm strangely
    Facts and fiction-in movies and novels
    The murmuring brook-mysteries of nature
    Give your brains a racking
    Answers to questions 1-7


    Partha Ghose (Author) , Dipkankar Home (Author) , S. Chaudhuri (Illustrated by)

    "There are surprises of wonder and delight for students of all ages and abilities … a book that really should be in every science department. It will enhance and captivate all those who are not 'as good as dead.'"
    -Jim Jardine, Physics Education

    "A new, extended version of one of the most delightful little science books of recent years."
    -The Good Book Guide

    "… these questions are framed so interestingly that they hold the attention. They are accompanied by amusing sketches and agreeable anecdotes … A gentle, unusual, and civilized production."
    -Roy Herbert, New Scientist

    "…an absolute gem …"

    "… recommended to inquisitive young scientists …"
    -Robin Abbott, School Science Review, 277, June 1995

    "An entertaining book …"
    -Endeavour, Short Notices