1st Edition

Riding the Diabetes Rollercoaster A Complete Resource for EMQs, v. 2

By Helen Cooper, Robert Geyer Copyright 2007

    This work includes foreword by Ian Botham, OBE, former England Cricket Captain and father of a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes. This groundbreaking book reveals how science and medicine have traditionally tried to make diabetes simple and orderly, despite its obvious messiness and complexity. The result has left patients, carers and health professionals confused and frustrated. Using complexity science, "Riding the Diabetes Rollercoaster" provides a radical new approach to understanding and managing diabetes that embraces its uncertainties and challenges. From a complexity perspective, the diabetes rollercoaster is normal and is a mirror of life itself. Learning to embrace and use the tools of complexity can completely alter your approach to diabetes. "Despite huge amounts of research, funding and effort, diabetes - like many other chronic illnesses - refuses to go away or even to get any easier to deal with. Health professionals have grown increasingly frustrated with their inability to develop radical improvements; patients and carers struggle to comply with complicated self management regimes. We believe that Complexity offers a way forward. Learning to balance rather than control diabetes is the ultimate goal of diabetes management." - Helen Cooper and Robert Geyer, in the Preface.

    Diabetes and its treatment: yesterday and today. What is complexity? Learning how to use 'complexity mapping'. Learning to play the right mind games: moving from anxiety to balance. Managing the complexities of diabetes. Diabetes and the 'cascade of complexity'. Complementary management of diabetes. A call for personal and professional reaction.


    Helen Cooper, Robert Geyer