3rd Edition

Rig it Right! Maya Animation Rigging Concepts

By Tina O'Hailey Copyright 2024
    324 Pages 240 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    324 Pages 240 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    324 Pages 240 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Rig It Right! breaks down rigging so that you can achieve a fundamental understanding of the concept. The author will get you up and rigging with step-by-step tutorials covering multiple animation control types, connection methods, interactive skinning, BlendShapes, edgeloops, and joint placement, to name a few. The concept of a biped is explored as a human compared to a bird character allowing you to see that a biped is a biped and how to problem solve for the limbs at hand. Rig It Right! will take you to a more advanced level where you will learn how to create stretchy rigs with invisible control systems and use that to create your own types of rigs.

    This highly anticipated Third Edition features updated chapters and images, including new chapters on modeling with proper edgeloop (Rule #1!), how to Rig It Right then Rig it Fast with parallel processing, and new helpful scripts for evaluating your rig with the profiler tools.

    Key Features

    • Hone your skills every step of the way with short tutorials and editable rigs that accompany each chapter (17+ rigs!!)
    • Read "Tina’s 10 Rules of Rigging" and build the foundational knowledge needed to successfully rig your characters
    • New content: Edgeloops for Good Deformation and Rigging for a Parallel World
    • New scripts for evaluating your rigs’ performance
    • Access the Support Materials and expand your newfound knowledge with editable rigs, exercises, and videos that elaborate on techniques covered in the book



    Part I     Basic Concepts


    Chapter 01          Props, pivot points, hierarchies   

    Chapter 02          Deformers 

    Chapter 03          User controllers   

    Chapter 04          Utility nodes and custom attributes   

    Chapter 05          Joints   

    Chapter 06          Blendshapes and set driven key   


    Part II    The biped   


    Chapter 07          The biped   

    Chapter 08          Skinning

    Chapter 09          Upper body, lower body, root: Always have a cha-cha   

    Chapter 10          Feet and knees: Simple, group-based, and joint-based feet   

    Chapter 11          Spines: FK, Spline, SDK (set driven key)   

    Chapter 12          Arms, elbows, and clavicles: Single-chain, triple-chain with wrist twist (SDK or cluster)   

    Chapter 13          Hands: SDK, SDK and Keyable CNTRLS   

    Chapter 14          Eyes, blinks, and smiles   

    Chapter 15          Master CNTRL and scale-able rigs 


    Part III   Advanced Topics


    Chapter 16          OMGimbal lock   

    Chapter 17          Advanced controls   

    Chapter 18          Stretchy

    Chapter 19          Broken rigs and dangly bits   

    Chapter 20          Rigging for a Parallel World

    Chapter 21          Happily ever after


    Tina O’Hailey is an animation professor and author of animation textbooks and sci-fi/fantasy novels. She spent the first part of her career working as an artist development trainer for Walt Disney Feature Animation, DreamWorks Animation, and Electronic Arts.