1st Edition

Right-Wing Women From Conservatives to Extremists Around the World

By Paola Bacchetta, Margaret Power Copyright 2002
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    An oft-neglected subject, right-wing women are an important component in understanding the many racist, fascist, and anti-feminist movements of the 20th century. Providing original research on an array of right-wing groups around the world, the contributors paint a disturbing and complicated portrait of the women involved in these movements. From Mussolini supporters to Klanswomen, this collection provides an eye-opening look at extremist women.

    Introduction Paola Bacchetta and Margaret PowerPart I. AGENCY/ SUBJECTIVITY/ SUBJECT POSITIONS1.She Loved Mussolini: Margherita Sarfatti and Italian Fascism Carole C. Gallucci2.Female Fanatics: Women's Sphere in the British Union of Fascists Julie V. Gottlieb3.Hindu Nationalist Women Imagine Spatialities/Imagine Themselves: Some Reflections on Gender-Supplemental-Agency Paola Bacchettan4.Framing Volksmoeders: The Politics of Female Afrikaner Nationalists, 1904- c.1930 Marijke Dutoit5. Whose Virtue is This?: The Virtue Party and Women in Islamist Politics in Turkey Ayse Saktanber6. And We Ate Up the World: Memories of the Secciûn Femenina Victoria L. EndersPart II. RIGHT-ACTIVISMS AND RACIALIZED/CLASSED/RELIGIONED OTHERS7. The Gendered Organization of Hate: Women in the U.S. Ku Klux Klan Kathleen M. Blee8. Charity and Nationalism: The Greek Civil War (1946-1949) and the Entrance of Right-Wing Women into Politics Tasoula Vervenioti9. Women in the Non-Nazi Right during the Weimar Republic: The German Nationalist People's Party Raffael Scheck10. Spartan Mothers: Fascist Women in Brazil in the 1930s Sandra Mcgee Deutch11. The Feminine Apostolate in Society Versus the Secular State: The Unión Femenina Católica Mexicana, 1929-1940 Kristina A. Boylan12. Foreign Women in Spain for General Franco During the Spanish Civil War Judith KeenePart III. INTERROGATIONS: RIGHT-THINKING, FEMINISMS, AND THE LEFT13. Pauline and Other Perils: Women in Australian Right-Wing Politics Bronwyn Winter14. Playing Femball: Anti-Feminist Women's Organizations and Political Representation in the United States Ronnee Schreiber15. Islamisms and Feminism in Egypt: Three Generations of Women's Perspectives Azza M. KaramPart IV. RIGHTED BODIES: DISCIPLINE, EXCESS, PLEASURE16. Confronting Double Patriarchy: The Case of Islamist Women in Turkey Burcak Keskin17. Queering Hindutva: Unruly Bodies and Pleasures in Sadhavi Rithambara's Performances Bishnupriya Ghose17. Right Wing Women, Sexuality, and Politics in Chile During the Pinochet Dictatorship, 1973-1990 Margaret PowerIndex


    Paola Bacchetta is Associate Professor in the Departments of Women's Studies and Geography at the University of Kentucky. Margaret Power is an Assistant Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

    "Right-Wing Women is an invaluable, unprecedented collection of comparative, interdisciplinary essays. It illuminates both the scope of right-wing projects, and the centrality of women, gender, and sexuality to them." -- Amrita Basu, editor of The Challenge of Local Feminisms: Women's Movements in Global Perspective
    "In these essays, upstarts and activists break out of conventional stereotypes about right wing women, and force us to re-think our assumptions about political activism and women's roles. Writing from almost as many disciplinary perspectives as national contexts, the authors have produced a pioneering work about global gender politics." -- Claudia Koonz, author of Mothers in the Fatherland: Women, the Family, and Nazi Politics
    "The essays in Right-Wing Women raise profound questions about the relationships between women, nationalism, and feminism. The book not only explores and expands this under-researched field of feminist and political scholarship, but it attempts to do this in a truly global way." -- Nira Yuval-Davis, author of Gender and Nation
    "If ever a collection showed the necessity of focusing on women's agency, it is Right-Wing Women. This book is also a good read, one that will appeal to specialists and ordinary readers alike." -- Temma Kaplan, author of Crazy for Democracy: Women in Grassroots Movements