Ring Theory And Algebraic Geometry  book cover
1st Edition

Ring Theory And Algebraic Geometry

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Book Description

Focuses on the interaction between algebra and algebraic geometry, including high-level research papers and surveys contributed by over 40 top specialists representing more than 15 countries worldwide. Describes abelian groups and lattices, algebras and binomial ideals, cones and fans, affine and projective algebraic varieties, simplicial and cellular complexes, polytopes, and arithmetics.

Table of Contents

1. Frobenius and Maschke Type Theorems for Doi-Hopf Modules and Entwined Modules Revisited: A Unified Approach 2. Computing the Gelfand-Kirillov Dimension II 3. Some Problems About Nilpotent Lie Algebras 4. On L*-Triples and Jordan H*-Pairs 5. Toric Mathematics from Semigroup Viewpoint 6. Canonical Forms for Linear Dynamical Systems over Commutative Rings: The Local Case 7. An Introduction to Janet Bases and Grobner Bases 8. Invariants of Coalgebras 9. Multiplication Objects 10. Krull-Schmidt Theorem and Semilocal Endormorphism Rings 11. On Suslin's Stability Theorem for R[x1,..,xm] 12. Characterization of Rings Using Socle-Fine and Radical-Fine Notions 13. About Bernstein Algebras 14. About an Algorithm of T. Oaku 15. Minimal Injective Resolutions: Old and New 16. Special Divisors of Blowup Algebras 17. Existence of Euler Vector Fields for Curves with Binomial Ideal 18. An Amitsur Cohomology Exact Sequence for Involutive Brauer Groups of the Second Kind 19. Computation of the Slopes of a D-Module of Type D'/N 20. Symmetric Closed Categories and Involutive Brauer Groups

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Granja\, A.; Alonso\, J.A. Hermida; Verschoren\, A