272 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This volume contains reselected lectures presented at the International Conference on rings and radicals which was held at the Hebei Teachers’ University Shijiazhuang, People's Republic of China in August 1994. It comprises 8 up-to-date surveys of aspects of the theory of rings and radicals and 14 accounts of new results on various branches of the theory. This book will be of interest to algebraists at research and professional level.

    Preface; Survey papers: Radical theory of r -rings: a survey of work done 1964-1994; Some applications of nearrings; Prime ideals and semisimplicity of free centred extensions; P-classes of modules and the topologies they define; Morita contexts and radicals of near-rings; On module classes closed under extensions; Stable range condition and cancellation of modules; An introduction to Morita duality; Research papers: On primeness and special radicals ofr-rings; Different prime ideals in near-rings II; Serial rings that are endomorphism rings of artinian modules; Rings with isomorphic additive and circle composition groups; A new characterization of the prime radical for lattice-ordered rings; Morphic orthogonality and radicals in categories; Homological dimensions over coherent semilocal rings II; Matric-extensible radicals; On the radical classes defined by Olson and Jenkins; Hopf algebra actions and Morita contexts; On an open problem of Szasz; Extending radicals of n-groups; On V-modules relative to torsion theory; Radicals of group rings and group classified rings


    B J Gardner, University of Tasmania. Liu Shaoxue, Beijing Normal University and R Wiegandt, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.