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    Project managers in construction and civil engineering need to base their decisions on realistic information about risk and public perceptions of risk. This second edition of the original practical and straightforward text retains the easy-to-read format, but has been expanded to encompass the entire risk management process and to give a fuller presentation of how risk is generally perceived.

    Two new chapters cover risk identification and risk response, and the chapters on risk analysis have been completely reorganized. There is also greater emphasis on the theory behind the principles, and an expanded bibliography is given to guide an exploration of the subject in greater detail. The book demystifies risk management by presenting the subject in simple and practical terms, free of technical jargon, and case studies are used extensively to enliven the text and to illustrate the concepts discussed.

    1. Risk and Uncertainty in Projects  2. Risk and Opportunity  3. Risk and Opportunity Analysis  4. Perception of Risk  5. Risk Response, Crisis Management and Recovery  6. Developing and Implementing a Successful Risk and Opportunity Management System.  References.  Appendix A: Risk Management Maturity Level Checklist.  Appendix B: A Checklist of Common Risks and Opportunities in Construction Projects


    Martin Loosemore is Professor and Associate Dean Research at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, a Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Builder and Principal of a management consultancy LRC. Martin has published numerous books and articles in the areas of risk management, crisis management and human resource management.

    John Raftery is Professor, Dean of the School of the Built Environment and Pro-Vice Chancellor (External Affairs), Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. He has published many articles and books in the areas of risk management and construction economics and recently co-edited The Construction Sector in the Asian Economies.

    Charlie Reilly is Deputy Managing Director, Multiplex Facilities Management Limited and a Chartered Professional Engineer.

    Dave Higgon is the Employee Relations Manager for Multiplex Constructions NSW. He has over 30 years experience in the building and construction industry including time spent as a subcontractor, trade union organiser and safety manager .

    'The great value of this book is in how it can be accessed ... It is a serious piece of work and a valuable addition to work in this area.' – Building Engineer

    'This text acknowledges the importance of risk management within construction, real estate, civil engineering and transport planning project management. It is also redesigned for reference so managers can base decisions on realistic information' – SciTech Book News