River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics. RCEM 2009, Two Volume Set  book cover
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River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics. RCEM 2009, Two Volume Set

ISBN 9780415554268
Published September 3, 2009 by CRC Press
576 Pages

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Book Description

Coastal, estuarine, fluvial and submarine morphodynamics encompass some of the leading processes shaping our planet. They stem mainly, but not only, from the interaction of water in motion and movable sediment boundaries, resulting in morphological changes produced by erosion, transport and deposition of sediments that generate a variety of landscapes and seascapes over time. Morphodynamics allows for a better understanding and interpretation of self adjustments in drainage basins, longitudinal river profiles and shorelines shapes, as well as characteristic features such as beach cusps, bed forms such as dunes, and channel patterns. This collection of about 150 contributions should be invaluable to wetland ecologists, fish biologists, engineers, geomorphologists, fluvial engineers, coastal scientists , as well as to scientists interested in processes responsible for earth-surface landscape evolution.

Table of Contents


River and coastal morphodynamics, theory and observations
Morphodynamic models: An overview  
J.P.M. Syvitski, R.L. Slingerland, P. Burgess, E. Meiburg, A.B. Murray, P. Wiberg, G. Tucker & A.A. Voinov

A simple river meandering model  
B. Massé

Analysis of river planform geometry with wavelets: Application to the Mahakam River reveals geographical zoning 
L.P.A. van Gerven & A.J.F. Hoitink

Merging of RVR Meander with CONCEPTS: Simplified 2D model for long-term meander evolution  
D. Motta, J.D. Abad, E.J. Langendoen & M.H. Garcia

Morphological evolution of the Middle Loire River (France): Definition of geomorphic homogeneous river reaches 
A. Latapie, B. Camenen, A. Paquier, S. Rodrigues, F. Moatar & J.-P. Bouchard

Process-product relationships in a large river: The Río Paraná, Argentina  
D.R. Parsons, M.L. Amsler, R.N. Szupiany, P.J. Ashworth, J.L. Best, R.J. Hardy, S.N. Lane, A.P. Nicholas, O. Orfeo, G.H. Sambrook Smith, A.J.H. Reesink & S. Sandbach

Analytical, experimental, and numerical models of knickpoint migration  
M. Bellal, H. Capart, S. Soares-Frazão & Y. Zech

Formation of standing waves in a mountain river and its consequences on gravel bar morphodynamics  
B. Camenen, V. Dugué, S. Proust, J. Le Coz & A. Paquier

Mathematical modeling for incision and width changes caused by gravel mining  
C. Ferrer-Boix & J.P. Martín-Vide

Wave and current interaction on a submarine sandpit  
A. Marini, G. Antronaco, R.E. Musumeci, E. Foti & C. Faraci

Experimental observations on the retreat of non-cohesive river banks  
L. Nardi, M. Rinaldi & L. Solari

Modelling bank retreat in a single river bend  
S. Francalanci, M. Rinaldi, L. Solari & L. Nardi

Analysis of failure in retrograde erosion  
R. Schiava, F. Moya Cocco, G. Etse & R.A. Schiava

River and coastal morphodynamics, theory and observations

Steady, uniform bend flow over an erodible bed with transverse bedload flux: A window to the process of meander migration  
G. Parker, E.C. Eke & Y. Shimizu
Bed morphology in Kinoshita meandering channels  
J.D. Abad, M.H. Garcia & G. Parker

Evaluation of the flood effect on the morphology of a braided reach of the Tagliamento River, Italy  
W. Bertoldi, L. Zanoni & M. Tubino

Major hydrological changes and bank erosion in the lower São Francisco river,Brazil, as a consequence of dams  
L.C.S. Fontes, E. Latrubesse, F.S.R. Holanda & S. Aquino

Tension between navigation, maintenance and safety calls for an integrated planning of flood protection measures  
H. Havinga, R.M.J. Schielen & S. van Vuren

Interpreting the dynamics of a northern California rivermouth using a multi-decadal dataset  
D.K. Behrens, F.A. Bombardelli, J.L. Largier & E. Twohy

Influence of bottom friction formulation on the initial formation of channels in a short tidal embayment 
M.C. ter Brake & H.M. Schuttelaars

Morphodynamic processes in shallow estuaries: Influence of tidal flats and channels on sand transport 
P.E. Robins & A.G. Davies

Channel migration in a small tidal inlet  
M. van der Vegt, P. Hoekstra & S.P. Van Puijvelde

Large scale shoreline sand waves and beach nourishments  
A. Falqués, N. van den Berg, F. Ribas & R. Garnier

Reproduction of flow over sand waves using the variation principle  
K. Nakayama, Y. Sugawara, Y. Maruya, Y. Yonome, D. Horimatsu & T. Kakinuma

Stationary equilibrium and linear behavior of alluvial channel flow in relation to bedload transport capacity  
H.Q. Huang

Linear stability analysis of channelization by seepage erosion  
A. Pornprommin & N. Izumi

Earth observatories and planetary morphodynamics Argentine space program 
L.A. Frulla

Planetary morphodynamics: Scaling and interpreting sedimentary processes from Earth to Mars and Titan
A.D. Howard

Sediment transport processes in rivers, estuaries and coasts
A comparison between flume and field bedload transport data  
A. Recking

Suspended-load versus bed-load streams: Classification and geometry  
G.V. Wilkerson & G. Parker

Investigating the trends of import and export of sediment in the Western Scheldt estuary,The Netherlands—by a process-based model 
K.W. Ofori, M. van der Wegen, J.A. Roelvink & J. de Ronde

Geomorphology and sediment dynamics of the middle reach of the Bahía Blanca  
G.M.E. Perillo, E.A. Gómez, D.G. Cuadrado, E. Alberdi, A. Vitale & M.C. Piccolo
Difficulties of the suspended sediment transport modeling in the coastal zone  
R.D. Kosyan, B.V. Divinsky & C.E. Vincent

Experiments and analytical solution for a prograding wedge-shaped deposit produced by turbidity currents transporting gravel mixtures  
B. Spinewine, O.E. Sequeiros, T. Sun & G. Parker

Degradation processes in marly sediment transport  
C. Le Bouteiller, F. Naaïm, N. Mathys & J. Lavé

Study on open channel flow with a submerged structure  
R. Akahori, Y. Matsuo & S. Ikeda

Biphasic approach to model river bed transient scour  
V. Medina & A. Bateman

Is steady sediment transport possible in graded sediments?  
M. Roca & R. Bettess

Sediment transport and morphology in a tropical Australian catchment  
S. Patil & E.M. Valentine

Re-establishing sediment transport in the Upper Rhine River downstream of the Kembs dam:Use of a scale physical model  
K. El kadi Abderrezzak, J.-P. Bouchard & M. Jodeau

Sediment transport calculation using the Ackers-White method in river with compound cross-section  
Z. Meyer, R. Coufal & T. Zawadzki

Simulation of armoring process in river bed  
M. Khezriyan, M.R.M. Tabatabai & S.S. Mousavi Nadooshani

Suspended sediment concentration rating curves along a sand-bed river  
G. Gilja, D. Beki´c & D. Oskoruš

Morphodynamics of alluvial plains, river mouths, deltas and tidal channels
Tidal morphodynamics 
G. Seminara

Long-term, morphodynamic modeling of equilibrium in an alluvial tidal basin using a process-based approach  
M. van der Wegen, Z.B. Wang, I. Townend, H.H.G. Savenije & J.A. Roelvink

On the theoretical basis of O’Brien-Jarret-Marchi law for tidal inlets and tidal channels  
N. Tambroni & G. Seminara

Experimental observations of the morphodynamic evolution of a tidal channel flanked laterally by tidal flats  
M. De Rinaldis, P.K. Humbsch, N. Tambroni & G. Seminara

Self-channelization on laboratory subaqueous fans with a break in slope: Implications for fan growth pattern
R.L. Fernandez, A. Cantelli, C. Pirmez & G. Parker

Channel pattern arrangement along argentinian fans and mega-fans of the Chaco plain, central South America 
E.D. Cafaro, E. Latrubesse, C.G. Ramonell & M.D. Montagnini

Erosional power and morphodynamic tendencies in the Fly River Delta, Papua New Guinea  
A. Canestrelli, A. Defina, S. Lanzoni & S. Fagherazzi

Hydrodynamic properties of delta vegetation in the context of 3D numerical modelling  
P. Zinke
Sand transport at the delta front of the Fraser River, British Columbia  
P.V. Villard & C. Christie

A conceptual model for sediment transport in the Inner Plata River  
A. Menéndez, M. Re, A. Sarubbi & P. García

Sediment transport in the Ebro Delta Shelf, a modelling approach  
J. Fernández, V. Gracia, M. Espino, A. Sánchez-Arcilla & G. Jordà

Bank migration at the Amazon mouth  
R.D. Fernandes, S.B. Vinzon, Z.B. Wang & H. de Vriend

The impressive case of the uncontrolled diversion of the Patía River at its delta and the social and environmental consequences  
A. Bateman Pinzón, V.M. Iglesias, A.M. Colilles, A.D. Loaiza, C. Puig & W.G. Blandón

Morphodynamics of flow-sediment-structure interaction and flow pattern visualization Vortex dynamics in shallow flows  
G.H. Jirka & D.-G. Seol

Turbulent characteristics and Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS) in uniform compound channels  
A. Stocchino, G. Besio & M. Brocchini

Experimental observation of horizontal coherent turbulent structures in a straight flume  
D. Termini & V. Sammartano

Shallow flow visualization and coherent structures around a single groyne  
E. Kojima, A. Kadota & K. Suzuki

Riverbed configuration around a permeable groyne of stone gabion  
A. Kadota, H. Muraoka & K. Suzuki

Hydrodynamics of submerged groynes flow fields for two aspect ratios  
W. Brevis, G.H. Jirka & Y. Nino

Empirical estimation of maximum scour depth downstream bed sills  
D. Termini

Investigation of the bottom scours near to underwater hydraulic engineering constructions  
B.V. Divinsky, R.D. Kosyan & V.N. Antipov

Local erosion at bridge pile groups  
P.D. Spalletti, M. Tomá, J.D. Brea & M. Raggesi

Experimental study of flow characteristics and bed deformation around riprap works placed on a flat river bed 
M. Nomura, K. Kanda & M. Watanabe

An experiment on overflow-induced cross-levee breach at the Chiyoda Experimental Channel  
T. Shimada, Y. Watanabe, H. Yokoyama & T. Tsuji

Scour volumes downstream of positive-step stilling basins  
G. Oliveto & V. Comuniello

Experimental study on control of scour due to submerged horizontal jets by using an apron  
A. Mehboudi, J. Attari, M. Saneie & M.R.M. Tabatabai

Velocity distribution around the low cost structures named bandalling for river bank erosion protection 
Md.L. Rahman, B.C. Basak & Md.S. Osman

Real-time measurements of bathymetric changes in the surf and swash zones  
G. Arnaud, M. Mory, S. Abadie & M. Cassen
An investigation of the effect of air content on the transmission of wave-induced pore pressure inside a sandy bed  
H. Michallet, I. Piedra-Cueva & M. Mory


Eco-hydraulics and biogeomorphology

Fish movement and habitat in large rivers: Synthesis of fluvial geomorphology, fluid dynamics, biogeochemical cycling, and fish biology  
J.M. Nestler, R.A. Goodwin, D.L. Smith, C.R.M. Baigún & N.O. Oldani

The importance of being coupled: Stable states, transitions and responses to changing forcings in tidal bio-morphodynamics  
M. Marani, A. D’Alpaos, C. Da Lio, L. Carniello, S. Lanzoni & A. Rinaldo

Modeling the erosion of Macoma balthica affected mud beds  
B.C. van Prooijen & F. Montserrat

Relation between sand bar formation and the habitat of ‘‘Kamogawa Chidori’’ in the Kamo River, Kyoto 
A. Saif, T. Hosoda, S. Onda & R. Shigemitsu

Influence of hydraulic conditions on the distribution of benthic macro invertebrates in large rivers. Morphological adaptations to flow.
M.C.M. Blettler, I. Ezcurra de Drago & M.L. Amsler

Coastal bio-geomorphology modeling: Linking processes and scales  
Y.E. Qinghua, J.A. Roelvink, H.R.A. Jagers, L. Postma & J.K.L. Van Beek

Bio-geomorphological interactions in sandwave migration  
B.W. Borsje, M.C. Buijsman, G. Besio, S.J.M.H. Hulscher, P.M.J. Herman & H. Ridderinkhof

Combining morphodynamic and physical habitat models  
G.A.M. Almeida & J.F. Rodríguez

Measurements and modelling of the effects of seagrass meadows on flow and sediment transport in the Bay of l’Ecluse, Dinard, France  
J.T. Dijkstra

Single-thread channels as the result of localized erosion and deposition driven by vegetation  
M. Tal, C. Narteau & D. Jerolmack

Mobile bed experiments in a reduced scale model of a sand bed stream with bank vegetation  
S. Gorrick & J.F. Rodríguez

Evaluation of resuspension due to density currents in Flix Reservoir (Spain)  
A. Herrero, V. Medina & A. Bateman

Coastal pollution studies on the Río de La Plata Estuary  
R.V. Petroni & M.C. Norman

Morphodynamics of sediment-water interfaces 1

Numerical modeling of bedforms and channel geometry under unsteady discharge with uniform and non-uniform sediment transport  
Y. Shimizu

Computations of suspended sediment transport in meandering channels using depth-averaged models with effect of secondary currents  
I. Kimura, S. Onda, T. Hosoda, Y. Shimizu & K. Hagiwara
Prediction of evolution process in free meandering rivers using 2D numerical model considering slump blocks and inner bank deposition  
K.P. Dulal, Y. Kondo, I. Kimura, Y. Shimizu & G. Parker

Study on initial evolution process of tidal creek network  
T. Iwasaki, Y. Shimizu & I. Kimura

Experiments on bed form development and transition process under varying discharge  
A. Toyama, S. Yamaguchi, Y. Shimizu, I. Kimura & S. Giri

Validation of numerical model for sand dune dynamics of nonuniform sediment  
W. Thaisiam, Y. Shimizu & I. Kimura

Significance of bed slope effect and non-equilibrium sediment transport on bed form evolution process: A numerical analysis using detailed hydrodynamics  
S. Yamaguchi, Y. Shimizu, I. Kimura & S. Giri

DEM-RANS coupling approach for predicting step length of bedload on dune  
S. Kon, Y. Shimizu, I. Kimura & S. Yamaguchi

Integrating computational models for bedform development with reach-scale multidimensional flow and morphodynamics models in rivers  
J.M. Nelson, Y. Shimizu, R.R. McDonald & B.L. Logan

Sediment transport field over dunes  
S.R. McLean, L. Gary & J.M. Nelson

Weakly nonlinear dynamics of dunes  
M. Colombini, A. Stocchino & R. Schielen

The formation of small-scale fluvial bedforms with active suspended sediment transport  
Y. Nakasato & N. Izumi

The formation of dunes in closed conduits  
T. Hiratsuka, N. Izumi & Y. Seki

Measuring tidal hydrodynamics and bedform evolution in the Dee estuary  
R. Bolaños, A. Souza, P. Bell & J. Malarkey

Dynamics of a submarine dunes field  
E.A. Gómez, D.G. Cuadrado, J.O. Pierini & L.A. Raniolo

Numerical simulation of transition processes of dunes under unsteady flow conditions using a depth averaged flow model  
S. Onda, T. Hosoda & Y. Ishibashi

Morphodynamics of sediment-water interfaces 2

Coupling the dynamics of channel width and curvature in meandering rivers: A perspective on fluvial patterns 
G. Zolezzi, R. Luchi & M. Tubino

Experimental study on channel formation in low flow conditions on bars created in high flow conditions 
Y. Watanabe & T. Masumoto

Influence of sediment-supply condition on bar morphology, gravel river in Japan  
A. Mizoguchi & T. Tsujimoto

Intrinsic steady alternate bars in alluvial channels. Part 1: Experimental observations and numerical tests  
A. Crosato & F.B. Desta

Intrinsic steady alternate bars in alluvial channels. Part 2: Theoretical analysis  
E. Mosselman

Experimental study on the formation of alternate bars with fixed and loose banks  
A. Carrasco-Milian, C.A. Vionnet & E.M. Valentine

Tide-controlled variations of primary- and secondary-bedform height: Innenjade tidal channel (Jade Bay, German Bight)  
V.B. Ernstsen, C. Winter, M. Becker & J. Bartholdy

Morphology of ripples under oscillatory flow  
F. Pedocchi & M.H. García

Exploratory experiments on ripple morphology under combined flows  
M.M. Perillo, F. Pedocchi, J.L. Best & M.H. García

Topography of ripples generated by combined waves and currents and surrounding water movement analyzed by PIV  
M. Yokokawa, K. Ohki, T. Sekiguchi & T. Takagawa

Modelling fine sediment transport over an immobile gravel bed: The role of near-bed spatial heterogeneities 
C. Pellachini & G. Zolezzi

Bed-load transport equation for sand bed rivers based on statistical parameters  
B. Ettmer, J. Aberle, M. Henning & B. Hentschel

An experimental investigation about bedload sheets: The mechanisms involved in their generation and migration for a sediment feed and a recirculating flume  
V. Bacchi, A. Recking, P. Frey & M. Naaim

Experimental study on formative conditions of hummocky bedforms  
T. Takagawa & F. Masuda

Experiments on bedforms created by density currents  
J.J. Fedele, C. Guentzel & D. Hoyal

Preliminary results in the San Blas submarine morphology (Argentina)  
D.G. Cuadrado, E.A. Gómez & L.A. Raniolo

An analytically-based form drag model for river dunes  
C.F. Van der Mark, A. Blom, W.S.J. Uijttewaal, S.J.M.H. Hulscher & H.W.M. Hoeijmakers

Bed deformation analysis considering uprooting of trees during floods  
M. Kuwahara, Y. Asami, Y. Morishita, H. Takebayashi & T. Okabe

Computational morphodynamics

Meandering: Field experiments, laboratory experiments and numerical modeling  
K. Blanckaert, I. Schnauder, A. Sukhodolov, W. van Balen & W.S.J. Uijttewaal

Morphodynamic modelling of rivers under supply-limited conditions  
A.P. Tuijnder, J.S. Ribberink & S.J.M.H. Hulscher

High resolution three dimensional modeling of river eddy sandbars, Grand Canyon, USA  
K. Sloff, S. Wright & M. Kaplinski

Performance of sediment transport capacity formulas in numerical modelling of dam break flows over movable beds  
K. El kadi Abderrezzak & A. Paquier

Effect of bed friction on morphodynamic modelling: Application to the central part of the Gironde estuary 
C. Villaret, J.M. Hervouet, N. Huybrechts, L.A. Van & A.G. Davies

Simulation of wind waves in shallow microtidal basins: Application to the Venice Lagoon, Italy 
L. Carniello, A. Defina & A. D’Alpaos

Effect of different sediment mixtures on the long-term morphological simulation of tidal basins  
A. Dastgheib & J.A. Roelvink

Initial modeling of large-scale rocky coastline evolution  
A.B. Murray, P. Limber & R. Littlewood

Stochastic modelling of the coastline position along the Holland Coast (The Netherlands)  
C. Brière & H.F.P. Van den Boogaard

High resolution long term morphological model of the northern part of the Holland Coast and Texel Inlet 
G. Dam, A.J. Bliek & G. Nederbragt

Morphological modelling of intertidal profiles in estuaries with strong tidal currents  
K. Rossington, R.J.S. Whitehouse & J.R. Spearman

Modelling and observations of a shoreface nourishment at Egmond (The Netherlands)  
A. Giardino, J. van der Werf, M. van Ormondt, C. Brière & D.J. Walstra

Detailed morphodynamic simulations of shoreface nourishment scenarios  
J. van der Werf, A. Giardino, M. van Ormondt, D.J. Walstra & G. Ramaekers

Producing CSDMS-compliant morphodynamic code to share with the RCEM community
E.W.H. Hutton, J.P.M. Syvitski & S.D. Peckham

Exact solutions for unsteady 1D shallow water flow over mobile bed  
A. Serrano-Pacheco, J. Murillo & P. García-Navarro

Simulation of subaqueous dunes using detailed hydrodynamics  
M. Nabi, H.J. de Vriend, E. Mosselman, C.J. Sloff & Y. Shimizu

Validation of a bank-failure operator coupled to a 2D dam-break flow model  
C. Swartenbroekx, S. Soares-Frazão, R. Staquet & Y. Zech

Experimental and numerical investigation of river channel processes with bank erosion in steep curved channel
T. Arimitsu, K. Ooe, S. Onda, T. Hosoda & H. Shirai

Zoning for hydraulic impact studies on the coastal zone of the Plata River  
M. Re, E. Lecertúa, P. García & A. Menéndez

Determination of roughness coefficient in floodplains using Landsat images: The case of the Salado River lower basin (Argentina)  
F. Bodoira, A. Trento & S. Graciani

Hydroacustic measurements of flow, sediment transport and morphology

The Rio Negro and Rio Solimões confluence point – hydrometric observations during the 2006/2007 cycle  
N. Filizola, N. Spínola, W. Arruda, F. Seyler, S. Calmant & J. Silva

Velocity mapping in the lower Congo river: A first look at the unique bathymetry and hydrodynamics of Bulu Reach, West Central Africa  
P.R. Jackson, K.A. Oberg, N. Gardiner & J. Shelton

Temporal characteristics of coherent flow structures generated over alluvial sand dunes,Mississippi River, revealed by acoustic Doppler current profiling and multibeam echo sounding  
J.A. Czuba, K.A. Oberg, J.L. Best, D.R. Parsons, S.M. Simmons, K.K. Johnson & C. Malzone

Measuring the super-elevation phenomena in coincidence with secondary currents induced by centrifugal effects 
L. Tarrab, M.G. Gallego, M.I. Morell, C.J. Ocampo & C.A. Vionnet
Fluidodynamic processes related to the sediments transport in the estuary of the Quequén Grande River, Argentina
M.G. Pereyra, G.L. Lastra, B.M. Marino, L.P. Thomas, E. Alberdi & G.M.E. Perillo

Flow and suspended sediment dynamics at two large braid-bar bifurcations  
R.N. Szupiany, J. Hernandez & M.L. Amsler

Estimating suspended solids concentrations from Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler measurements on the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay  
D. Bellón & I. Piedra-Cueva

Estimation of sediment particle velocities in sheet flow: Cross-correlation and wavelet analysis  
T. Abreu, M.J. Franca, P.A. Silva & F. Sancho

Sheet flow layer structure under oscillatory flows
P.A. Silva, T. Abreu, H. Michallet, D. Hurther & F. Sancho

Flow pattern visualization and erosion estimation at a bend along the braided Jamuna river  
M.N. Uddin & Md.M. Rahman

Currents measurements in the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay  
M. Fossati, D. Bellón, E. Lorenzo & I. Piedra-Cueva

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