1st Edition

River Flow 2006, Two Volume Set Proceedings of the International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, Lisbon, Portugal, 6-8 September 2006

    Rivers are complex entities. In addition to being valuable wildlife habitats, they support human activities by providing water for human usage, renewable energy and convenient transportation. Rivers may also pose threats to riverine communities, in the form of floods and other natural or man-induced hazards.Contemporary societies recognize their re

    VOLUME 1Keynote lecturesA. River hydrodynamicsA.1. Turbulent open-channel flow and transport phenomenaA.2. Flood propagation and channel/floodplain interactionsA.3. Dam-break and highly unsteady open-channel flowA.4. Vegetated beds and flow resistanceA.5. Interaction with structuresB. River Morphodynamics and sediment transportB.1. Mechanics of sediment transport B.2. Bed forms and flow resistanceB.3. Large scale river morphology and morphodynamicsVOLUME 2B.3. Large scale river morphology and morphodynamics (continued)B.4. Debris and hyperconcentrated flowsB.5. Geomorphic dam-break flows and breach formationB.6. Sedimentation in reservoirsB.7. Local scour and protectionB.8. Bank erosion and protectionC. Interdisciplinary approaches for river managementC.1. Innovative field and laboratory instrumentationC.2. Information technologies and modelling tools for river managementC.3. River habitat management and restorationC.4. Management of risk associated to floods and man-induced river hazards


    Rui M.L. Ferreira, Elsa C.T.L. Alves, Joao G.A.B. Leal, Antonio H. Cardoso