The behaviour of river systems is a result of the complex interaction between flow, sediments, morphology and habitats. Furthermore, rivers are often used as a source of water supply and energy production as well as a waterway for transportation. The main challenge faced by river engineers today, in collaboration with environmental and ecological scientists, is to restore the channelized rivers under the constraints of high urbanization and limited space, as well as sustainable water use.

    During the seventh International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics “River Flow 2014” at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, scientists and professionals from all over the world addressed this challenge and exchanged their knowledge regarding fluvial hydraulics and river morphology. This book comprises the proceedings of the high quality contributions of the participants, which reflect the state-of-the-art in the fields of river hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, sediment transport, river engineering and restoration. The conference was organized under the auspices of the Committee on Fluvial Hydraulics of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). Past River Flow conferences have witnessed a significant increase in participation of our community of river engineers and researchers, confirming the need for such a forum.


    Keynote lectures

    River networks as ecological corridors for species, populations and pathogens of water-borne disease
    A. Rinaldo

    River turbulence: Current state, challenges, and prospects
    V. Nikora

    Climate and human forcing of Alpine river flow
    S.N. Lane, M. Bakker, D. Balin, B. Lovis & B. Regamey

    A sediment journey through the Bermejo River of Argentina and Bolivia: From debris flows to meandering, ending in washload
    M.H. Garcia

    A River hydrodynamics

    A.1 Turbulent open-channel flow and transport phenomena

    Measurement of mass exchange between a main flow and an adjacent lateral cavity
    W. Cai, M. Brosset, E. Mignot & N. Riviere

    Entrainment mechanisms in river embayments
    Y. Akutina, S.J. Gaskin & L.B. Mydlarski

    Three-dimensional turbulent structure and spatial distribution of tractive force in open channel flow with side-overflow
    N. Yamashita & T. Ohmoto

    Streamwise vorticity generation in a compound meandering channel
    I. Mera, J. Anta & E. Peña

    Experiments on two consecutive open channel bends
    A. Farhadi, M. Tritthart, M. Glas & H. Habersack

    Vortex interaction in patches of randomly placed emergent cylinders
    A.M. Ricardo, S. Di Carlo, M.J. Franca, A.J. Schleiss, P.M. Sanches & R.M.L. Ferreira

    Surface velocity divergence in open-channel flows with strip roughness
    M. Sanjou, T. Okamoto, Y. Tanaka & K. Toda

    Transition from permeable to impermeable beds and vice versa in open channels: Effects on the velocity distribution of turbulent flow
    G. Pechlivanidis, E. Keramaris & I. Pechlivanidis

    Laboratory experiments and shallow water simulations of gravity currents moving on flat and up-sloping beds
    C. Adduce, V. Lombardi, G. Sciortino, M. La Rocca & M. Morganti

    Investigation of the turbulent boundary layer and associated energy dissipation in an open channel flow behind a series of regular grids
    T.A. Earl, S. Cochard, L. Thomas & L. David

    Effect of spatial average on turbulence measurement
    D. Li, Q. Lin, J. Zhuang & X. Wang

    Experimental characterization of the near-wall turbulence in rough supercritical flows
    E. Carvalho, R. Maia, R. Aleixo & R. Ferreira

    Mechanical model for velocity profile and flow resistance
    G. Smart

    Investigation of the impacts of coherent flow structures upon turbulence properties in regions of fluvial scour
    H. Maity & B.S. Mazumder

    Numerical modeling of complex solid-fluid flows with meshless methods
    R.B. Canelas, R.M.L. Ferreira, A.J.C. Crespo & J.M. Domínguez

    A new immersed boundary method for simulating free-surface flows around arbitrary objects
    X. Liu

    Dispersion of a passive scalar in turbulent open channel flow
    S. Bomminayuni, T. Stoesser & N. Ruether

    Spatial development of a constant-depth shallow mixing layer in a long channel
    Z. Cheng & G. Constantinescu

    Prediction of compound channel secondary flows using anisotropic turbulence models
    M.S. Filonovich, L.R. Rojas-Solórzano & J.B. Leal

    Flow in compound open-channels: Investigation of small-scale eddy viscosity variability using a Smagorinsky turbulence closure model
    C. Pham Van, E. Deleersnijder, D. Bousmar & S. Soares-Frazão

    Numerical study on secondary currents of the second kind in wide shallow open channel flows
    R. Suzuki, I. Kimura, Y. Shimizu, T. Iwasaki & T. Hosoda

    Large Eddy Simulation of gravity currents moving on up-sloping boundaries
    L. Ottolenghi, C. Adduce, R. Inghilesi, F. Roman & V. Armenio

    Density current propagation in a tidal river
    M.R. Soliman, S. Ushijima & S. Kantouch

    Modeling of the spread of thermal pollution in rivers with limited data
    M.B. Kalinowska & P.M. Rowiński

    Simple depth-averaged model considering deformation of velocity distribution for hydraulic jump and bore
    T. Hosoda & M.N. Langhi

    In situ measurement of advection-dispersion processes in a torrential river, comparison with numerical modeling
    A. Hauet, G. Buannic, G. Antoine, M. Jodeau, M. Esteves & F. Thollet

    Discharge distribution and salt water intrusion in the Rhine-Meuse river delta network
    N.E. Vellinga, M. van der Vegt, A.J.F. Hoitink & P. Hoekstra

    Two-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the St. Lawrence fluvial estuary
    P. Matte, Y. Secretan & J. Morin

    Experimental investigation of a propeller jet induced velocity field
    P. Nardone, P. Geisenhainer, Ka. Koll & C. Di Cristo

    A study in hydraulic performance indices for sediment retention ponds
    A. Farjood, B.W. Melville & A.Y. Shamseldin

    On the re-aeration coefficient in channels of complex shape
    S.G. Wallis, J.R. Manson & B.O.L. Demars

    Prediction of velocity profile in river bends: A hydraulic geometry approach
    S. Fasihi, E. Karrabi & J. Attari

    A.2 Bed roughness and flow resistance

    Direct measurement of river-bed form resistance in rivers with sand waves
    Y. Motonaga, A. Yorozuya, Y. Iwami & M. Yamasaka

    Near-bed flow over a fixed gravel bed
    H. Friedrich, S.M. Spiller & N. Rüther

    Roughness parameters in shallow open-channel flows
    O. Eiff, E. Florens & F.Y. Moulin

    Roughness coefficient determination and fine scale flow field characterisation of fish baffles in HDPE slip lined culverts
    J. Duguay, R.W.J. Lacey, E. Jaillet & F. Floriani

    Shallow gravel-bed river flows: The behaviour of the free surface and the flow information contained within
    A. Nichols, K.V. Horoshenkov & S.J. Tait

    Assessing surface DEM and roughness with a 3D-printed gravel bed
    S. Bertin, H. Friedrich, P. Delmas, E. Chan & G. Gimel’farb

    Turbulent flow over fast moving dunes: Improved method for studies in natural streams
    J. Krick & A. Sukhodolov

    Simulation of the free surface and flow velocity in depth-limited flows over rough beds
    E. Gabreil, S. Shao & S. Tait

    A numerical calculation method for flow in the presence of isolated boulders atop a rough bed by using an enhanced depth integrated model with a non-equilibrium resistance law
    T. Uchida, S. Fukuoka, A.N. Papanicolaou & A.G. Tsakiris

    Sphere drag revisited using Shuffled Complex Evolution algorithm
    R. Barati, S.A.A. Salehi Neyshabouri & G. Ahmadi

    Field measurements of mean velocity and boundary shear stress with an acoustic Doppler current profiler
    J. Petrie, P. Diplas, M. Gutierrez & S. Nam

    Stage discharge prediction for highly sinuous meandering channels
    S.S. Dash & K.K. Khatua

    Bathymetric changes, roughness and conveyance of a compound, regulated by groynes river channel during low and high water conditions
    R. Banasiak, M. Krzyżanowski, J. Gierczak & M. Wdowikowski

    Explicit computation of bed form roughness for operational flood modelling, a case study for the river Rhine
    J.J. Warmink & R.M.J. Schielen

    A.3 Vegetated flows

    Physically and numerically modelling turbulent flow in a patchy open channel
    O.P. Folorunso, J. Bridgeman & M. Sterling

    Diverging flow and 3-D flow structure at leading edge and in interior of submerged vegetation patch
    T. Okamoto, M. Sanjou, S. Aoki, K. Toda & I. Nezu

    Patches in a side-by-side configuration: A description of the flow and deposition fields
    D. Meire, J. Kondziolka & H.M. Nepf

    LES of turbulent flows in open channel with patched vegetation zones
    S. Yokojima, Y. Kawahara & K. Matsubara

    LES of flow past a submerged circular patch of vegetation
    W.Y. Chang, G. Constantinescu & W.F. Tsai

    Relation between sandbar mode and vegetation expansion in sand-bed river
    Y. Toda, S.N. Kim, T. Tsujimoto & N. Sakai

    Development of coherent structure and turbulence behind a finite-length emergent vegetation patch in open-channel flow
    T. Okamoto, M. Sanjou, S. Aoki, K. Toda & I. Nezu

    Soil in braided rivers: An overlooked component of braided river morphodynamics
    N. Bätz, E.P. Verrecchia & S.N. Lane

    Influence of vegetated bed material on erosional patterns of meandering rivers: Preliminary experimental results
    D. Termini

    Flow-induced uprooting of young vegetation on river bedforms
    K. Edmaier, B. Crouzy & P. Perona

    Modelling river flow responses to weed management
    P. Rameshwaran, A. Sutcliffe, P. Naden & G. Wharton

    Field experiments in vegetated groyne fields
    A.N. Sukhodolov & T.A. Sukhodolova

    Effects of trees along floodplain edges on the flow structure in compound meandering channel
    Y. Kawahara, R. Tsubaki & F.S. Nhavotso

    Flow and bedload transport in a straight compound channel with vegetation roughened floodplains
    M. Khademishamami, M.H. Omid & J. Farhoudi

    Numerical simulation of exchange flow between open water and floating vegetation
    M. Tsakiri & P. Prinos

    Extending the canopy flow model for natural, highly flexible macrophyte canopies
    T.I. Marjoribanks, R.J. Hardy, S.N. Lane & D.R. Parsons

    Dynamic drag modeling of submerged aquatic vegetation canopy flows
    T.I. Marjoribanks, R.J. Hardy, S.N. Lane & D.R. Parsons

    Reynolds stress modeling of 3-D turbulent flow in a partially vegetated open channel
    T. Koftis, P. Prinos & C. Papakyritsis

    Measurements of drag force of cylindrical rods and trees in a river
    K. Shiono, E. Ferreira, J.H. Chandler, R. Wackrow & T. Ishigaki

    Spatially varying stem drag forces in vegetated mixing layers
    L. Buckman, W.S.J. Uijttewaal, W.E. Penning & J.T. Dijkstra

    Experimental assessment of riverbed sediment reinforcement by vegetation roots
    N. Pasquale & P. Perona

    Analysis of equivalent Manning’s roughness coefficient for trees vegetated on floodplain
    K. Michioku, S. Kometani, T. Uotani, K. Kanda, Y. Irie & K. Yanagida

    Development and application of vegetation dynamics model for effective river management tasks in the Asahi River, Japan
    K. Yoshida, S. Maeno, S. Matsuyama & S. Fujita

    Vegetation effects on vertical jet structures
    M. Ben Meftah, D. Malcangio & M. Mossa

    A.4 Overbank flows and flood propagation

    A coupled surface-subsurface model of overbank flood flow and air entrapment in a permeable floodplain
    D. Pokrajac & M.J.S. de Lemos

    Celerity of kinematic wave in trapezoidal channel
    S.B. Sokolov & E.E. Egorov

    A conservative strategy to couple 1D and 2D numerical models: Application to flooding simulations
    M. Morales-Hernández, J. Murillo, A. Lacasta, P. Brufau & P. García-Navarro

    Unsteady characteristics of tsunami flow propagating over a land after overtopping seawall
    H. Shirai & T. Hosoda

    2D shallow water GPU parallelized scheme for high resolution real-field flood simulations
    R. Vacondio, F. Aureli, P. Mignosa & A. Dal Palù

    Analysis of depth averaged velocity in meandering compound channels
    K.C. Patra, E. Padhi, L. Mohanty & M. Patnaik

    Prediction of energy loss along the non-prismatic reach of a compound channel using ANN
    B. Naik, K.K. Khatua & K. Miri

    Composite roughness for rough compound channels
    S. Pradhan & K.K. Khatua

    A.5 Interaction between river flow and structures

    Numerical simulation of turbulent flow in open channel with groynes
    Th.I. Koutrouveli, N.Th. Fourniotis, A.C. Demetracopoulos & A.A. Dimas

    Influence of submerged groynes on turbulence and flow structure at Sawmill Creek in Ottawa, Canada
    M.A. Ruta, C.D. Rennie, R.D. Townsend & E.C. Jamieson

    Submergence effect on flow and resistance due to a single groyne
    A. Kadota & W.S.J. Uijttewaal

    Three-dimensional flow structures around large-scale groins on the flood plain in the Kiso River
    T. Ito & A. Tominaga

    Water surface response to flow through bridge openings
    S. Kara, S. Mulahasan, T. Stoesser & T.W. Sturm

    Physics of shallow recirculation zones downstream lateral expansions
    M. Chatelain, L. Han, N. Riviere & E. Mignot

    A comparison of wood-sediment-water mixture flows at a closed type and an open type of check dams in mountain rivers
    F. Maricar & H. Hashimoto

    Log jam formation by an obstruction in a river
    M.I. Rusyda, H. Hashimoto & S. Ikematsu

    Contribution of riprap to local turbulence at the downstream of a low-head sill
    C.C. Wu, Y.Y. Wu, C.Y. Tao & K.H. Wu

    Representing skewed bridge crossing on 1-D and 2-D flood propagation models: Compared analysis in practical studies
    P. Costabile, F. Macchione, G. Petaccia & L. Natale

    Experimental investigation on the flow field around a spur dike in a 90° sharp bend
    M. Mehraein, M. Ghodsian & S.A. Najibi

    Experimental study on the discharge released by Bric Zerbino Dam spillways
    A. Fenocchi & G. Petaccia

    B River morphology and sediment transport

    B.1 Mechanics of sediment transport

    Particle motion of bed-load sediment moving over a smooth bed
    J. Campagnol, F. Ballio, S.A. Hosseini Sadabadi & H. Sazadul

    Modelling the non-uniform sediment transport by means of the statistical moment approach
    G. Rosatti, G. Garegnani & A. Armanini

    Experimental investigation on vertical size sorting using spherical glass beads
    A.R. Dudill, P. Frey & M. Church

    Experimental study of sheet flow regime of sediment transport in a laboratory flume
    T. Revil-Baudard, J. Chauchat, D. Hurther & E. Barthélémy

    Experiments in shear flow of granular-fluid suspension and dense mixture
    A.M. Pellegrino, L. Schippa, E. Guazzelli & O. Pouliquen

    Effects of particle collisions on motions of mixed-size particles and bed structures
    T. Fukuda & S. Fukuoka

    Laboratory study on transport of nonuniform bed material particles
    M. Sajedi sabegh, M. Habibi, J. Soltani & M.M. Vafaee

    Shields diagram’s extension for applications in steady non-uniform flows
    J.S.A. do Carmo

    Comparison of two models for bed load sediment transport in rivers
    A. Paquier, B. Camenen, J. Le Coz & C. Béraud

    Numerical simulation of the sediment transport in the saltation regime
    R. Barati, S.A.A. Salehi Neyshabouri & G. Ahmadi

    A natural-scale study of cohesive sediment transport: The Misa River case
    M. Brocchini, A. Russo, J. Calantoni, A.H. Reed, M. Postacchini, C. Lorenzoni, S. Corvaro, A. Mancinelli, G. Moriconi & L. Soldini

    Applicability of kinematic wave approximation to shallow mud-flows with a yield stress
    C. Gisonni, M. Iervolino, A. Vacca & C. Di Cristo

    The role of interphase forces in submerged granular flows driven by gravity
    E. Nucci, A. Armanini & M. Larcher

    Large eddy simulation of suspended sediment transport
    M. Dallali & V. Armenio

    Ripple formation and sediment suspension events in unsteady depth varying open channel flow
    F. Bagherimiyab, A. Roy & U. Lemmin

    Coherent structures in open channel flows with bed load transport over an hydraulically rough bed
    B.O. Santos, M.J. Franca & R.M.L. Ferreira

    Flow and turbulence characterization as an onset for assessing the stability of gravel beds
    D. Duma, S. Erpicum, P. Archambeau, M. Pirotton & B. Dewals

    Sediment transport in steep channels with large roughness elements
    T. Ghilardi, M.J. Franca & A.J. Schleiss

    Tracking bed load particles in a steep flume: Methods and results
    J. Heyman & C. Ancey

    Intense transport of bed load in steep flume
    V. Matoušek & J. Krupička

    Bedload particle velocity in supercritical open channel flows
    C. Auel, I. Albayrak & R.M. Boes

    Study of sediment transport using soft computing technique
    H. Bonakdari & I. Ebtehaj

    Reconstruction of event-related bed-load transport processes in alpine catchments—application of TomSed on a large spatial scale
    B. Gems, M. Sturm, M. Aufleger & J. Neuner

    Influence of river ice break-up on stream hydraulics and sediment transport
    S.G.A. Zare, S.A. Moore, C.D. Rennie, O. Seidou & H. Ahmari

    Analysis of suspended sediment transport data in the River Nile
    B.A. Zaid, Ka. Koll, J.-U. Wiesemann & A.S. Elzein

    Quantification of suspended load, sinks and sources for a sediment budget of the German river Rhine
    N. Gehres, B. Brandstetter, G. Hillebrand, S. Vollmer, K. Banhold, R.M. Frings & H. Schüttrumpf

    Non-uniform sediment input of the middle Yangtze River, China
    H. Ge, R. Huang & L. Zhu

    B.2 River morphology and morphodynamics

    Morphodynamic differences induced by different confluence angles in widen confluences
    S. Guillén, M.J. Franca, A.J. Schleiss & A.H. Cardoso

    Flow patterns in an open channel confluence with a small ratio of main channel to tributary discharge
    L. Schindfessel, S. Creëlle, T. Boelens & T. De Mulder

    Effect of bed elevation discordance in the main river on the confluence hydrodynamics in 90° straight-channels’ confluences
    D. Đorđević

    Three dimensional flow field at confluent fixed-bed open channels
    O. Birjukova, S. Guillen, F. Alegria & A.H. Cardoso

    Numerical simulation of local tributary widening impacts on hydro-morphological processes of river confluence using CCHE2D
    M. Rostami & S. Habibi

    Characterization of confluences of free meander trains at the upper Amazon basin
    R. Gutierrez, M. Choi, J. Abad & H. Montoro

    Trapping effect of fine sediment in Wando
    K. Uno, G. Tsujimoto, T. Kakinoki & N. Kazuuma

    Sediment transport distribution along developing sand dunes
    S. Naqshband, J.S. Ribberink, S.J.M.H. Hulscher & D. Hurther

    Modelling time dependent flow fields over three dimensional dunes
    R.J. Hardy, T.I. Marjoribanks, D.R. Parsons, A.J. Reesink, B. Murphy, P.J. Ashworth & J.L. Best

    Coupled numerical simulation of flow and bed and suspended sediment transport over dunes based on the Immersed Boundary method
    G.A. Leftheriotis & A.A. Dimas

    Objective method for ranking bedforms with a 3-dimensionality-index
    F. Núñez-González, D. Hesse, B. Ettmer & O. Link

    Modelling the transition from dunes to the upper-stage plane bed
    O.J.M. van Duin & S.J.M.H. Hulscher

    Occurrence and characterization of bed forms at the Danube to the east of Vienna
    M. Liedermann, P. Gmeiner, M. Tritthart, M. Glas & H. Habersack

    Flow structure and large scale turbulence in an open channel bend of strong curvature with flat and deformed bed
    G. Constantinescu & M. Koken

    The wall shear velocity, u*, in fixed and eroded beds of 180°-curved open channel flow
    B.A. Kironoto, B.Y. Istiarto, D. Legono, Sumiadi & P.A.B. Sangging

    Numerical modeling of dune progression in a high-amplitude meandering channel
    A. Mendoza, D. Wang, J.D. Abad, E.J. Langendoen, P. Tassi & K. El Kadi Abderrezzak

    2D and 3D numerical simulations of morphodynamics structures in large-amplitude meanders
    D. Wang, P. Tassi, K. El Kadi Abderrezzak, A. Mendoza, J.D. Abad & E. Langendoen

    Modulation of the flow structure by progressive bed forms in the Meandering Wabash River
    J. Abad, C. Frias, K. Konsoer, J. Best, B. Rhoads, E. Langendoen & M.H. Garcia

    Ecomorphodynamic conditions for the emergence of river anabranching patterns
    B. Crouzy, D. Wüthrich, P. Perona & P. D’Odorico

    Integration of a geotechnical model within a morphodynamic model to investigate river meandering processes
    Y.Y. Rousseau, M.J. Van de Wiel & P.M. Biron

    Numerical studies on bed variations under interactions of vegetation and bank strength
    T. Uchida, I. Kimura, Y. Shimizu & S. Kawamura

    Stability analysis on periodically changing of channel width
    Y. Watanabe & K. Hasegawa

    A diffusive 1D model for the evolution of a braided network subject to varying sediment supply
    M. Redolfi & M. Tubino

    Morphodynamic modelling of a tortuous meandering clay bed river using Delft3D:
    Stillwater Creek, Ottawa 172
    P. Parsapour-Moghaddam & C.D. Rennie

    Variation of the bankfull area in a braided reach of the LYR over the past 30 years
    X.J. Li, J.Q. Xia & J. Li

    Sediment transport and bedform development in the lee of bars: Evidence from fixed- and partially-fixed bed experiments
    A.J.H. Reesink, D.R. Parsons & R.E. Thomas

    Characteristics of subsurface water flow influenced by formation process of gravel bar
    M. Obana, T. Chibana & T. Tsujimoto

    A new equation for alternate bar length
    A.A. Boraey & A.M. Ferreira da Silva

    Spatial distribution of porosity of bed material, bed strength and size distribution of bed material on bars
    H. Takebayashi, M. Fujita, R. Kamito & Y. Samoto

    Morphodynamics of alternate bars in the Alpine Rhine River: Methods for the applicability of mathematical models using fields observations
    L. Adami, W. Bertoldi & G. Zolezzi

    Modelling river bed form dynamics: Large scale application
    S. Giri, S. Yamaguchi, M. Nabi & Y. Shimizu

    Sensitivity of morphodynamic simulations due to input variability—implications on sedigraph estimations due to limited data
    S. Jocham, R. Klar, S. Achleitner & M. Aufleger

    Numerical modelling of morpho-dynamic processes with multi-thread flows
    J. Sun, B. Lin & H. Yang

    Numerical simulation for bed aggradations due to sediment overloading in alluvial channels
    A.L. Qureshi & A. Baloch

    Multi-scale modelling of river morphodynamics
    M. Nabi, S. Giri, T. Iwasaki, I. Kimura & Y. Shimizu

    Recovering Elder’s equation: A new view on river morphology
    A.J. Constain, D.J.M. Fernández, J.L.C. Rivera & C.A. Peña-Guzmán

    Temporal bed adjustments to a series of water pulses in gravel bed rivers
    C. Ferrer-Boix & M.A. Hassan

    River morphological evolution in earthquake-hit region: Effects of floods and pulsed sediment supply
    C.G. An, X.D. Fu & G. Parker

    Sediment transport, sorting and three-dimensional flow patterns in pool-riffle sequences: Implications for self-maintenance
    E. Bayat, J.F. Rodríguez, G.A.M. de Almeida & P. Saco

    River rejuvenation for a sediment-laden torrent from the viewpoint of river morphology
    C.C. Wu & P.H. Wang

    Quasi-stable channel morphology in response to hydromodification
    B.D. Plumb & W.K. Annable

    Simulation of local river widenings—a matter of 1D or 2D modelling?
    Th. Berchtold, V. Weitbrecht, D. Vetsch & R.M. Boes

    Analysis of morphological changes in rivers
    M. Gharbi, A. Soualmia, D. Dartus & L. Masbernat

    Comparison of morphological predictions in the Lower Rhine River by means of a 2-D and 3-D model and in situ measurements
    L. Backhaus, T. Brudy-Zippelius, T. Wenka & J. Riesterer

    Analysis of the Solís Chico river mouth migration
    C. Chreties, S. Solari, G. López & L. Teixeira

    Analysis of the estuarine sediment of the Taimali River in Taiwan
    Wei-Po Huang, John Z. Yim & Yi Jiun Liao

    The effect of potential discharges on the stability of the Rosetta promontory, Egypt
    A. Masria, M. Iskander, A. Negm & O.C. Saavedra

    B.3 Local scour and erosion processes

    Clear water scouring around bridge piers and the phenomenological theory of turbulence
    C. Manes

    Local scour at bridge piers founded in coarse-bed streams
    D.C. Froehlich

    Spatiotemporal changes in bed elevations with turbulence around submerged cylinders embedded in sand beds
    B.S. Mazumder, K. Sarkar & C. Chakraborty

    Temporal evolution of live-bed pier scour
    J.H. Hong, H.W. Wang, Y.C. Wang, S.C. Li & Y.M. Chiew

    Local scour at a cylindrical bridge pier under a flood hydrograph
    S.A. Salamatian, M. Karimaee Tabarestani & A.R. Zarrati

    Experimental and computational study of local scour pool around finite patches of vegetation
    H.S. Kim, I. Kimura & Y. Shimizu

    A preliminary study on scour at submerged weirs in live bed conditions
    D. Guan, B.W. Melville & H. Friedrich

    Experimental and numerical study of the scour process around a slit weir
    K. Ota & T. Sato

    An experimental and numerical study on the spatial and temporal evolution of a scour hole downstream of a rigid bed
    G. Dodaro, A. Tafarojnoruz, F. Calomino, R. Gaudio, F. Stefanucci, C. Adduce & G. Sciortino

    Equilibrium scour hole downstream of an apron: A model
    A. Sarkar

    Numerical modeling on response of fluvial geomorphology to weir removal
    S.N. Kim, Y. Toda & T. Tsujimoto

    The dynamic of streams equipped with Check Dams
    G. Piton & A. Recking

    Influence of a single submerged groyne on the bed morphology and the flow field
    R. Möws & Ka. Koll

    Laboratory analysis of armor layer development in a local scour around a groin
    G.T. Török, S. Baranya, N. Rüther & S. Spiller

    Riverbed layering impact on scour at the abutments
    B. Gjunsburgs, E. Govsha & G. Jaudzems

    Spatial and temporal variations in bed morphology at river contractions
    G. Oliveto & M.C. Marino

    Location of the maximum scouring depth at the outlet of partially-blocked and non-blocked box culvert
    S. Sorourian, A. Keshavarzi, J. Ball & B. Samali

    Investigation of the effective parameters sensitivity with respect to both shear and beam-type failures in overhanging riverbanks
    A. Samadi, E. Amiri-Tokaldany & S.E. Darby

    Experimental study of cantilevered riverbank stability
    E. Amiri-Tokaldany, A. Samadi & M.H. Davoudi

    Flow structure and bed deformation around a sphere on movable bed
    A. Tominaga

    Scour on alluvial bed downstream of falling jets
    V. Fiorotto, E. Caroni & S. Calligaris

    Clear-water bridge scour under triangular-shaped hydrographs with different peak discharges
    G. Bombar

    Verification of equation for non-deposition sediment transport in flood water canals
    H. Bonakdari & I. Ebtehaj

    Scour development caused by propeller jet of moving vessels
    P. Geisenhainer & Ka. Koll

    Application and validation of sediment erosion models to time dependent wall shear stresses around a wall-mounted circular cylinder
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    Influence of pore pressure on clay erosion
    H.S. Salem, C.D. Rennie & C.Z. Custodio

    Bank retreat at typical cross-sections in the Jingjiang Reach due to the operation of TGP
    J.Q. Xia, Q.L. Zong, Y. Zhang & Q.X. Xu

    Instream river training: Fundamentals and practical example
    N. Werdenberg, M. Mende & C. Sindelar

    B.4 Geomorphic unsteady flows

    Numerical simulation of snow avalanches as a Bingham fluid flow using SPH method
    A.M. Abdelrazek, I. Kimura & Y. Shimizu

    Debris flow monitoring in the French Alps
    C. Bel, F. Liébault, H. Bellot, F. Fontaine, D. Laigle & O. Navratil

    Unsteady 2D flow over mobile bed with variable density
    C. Juez, J. Murillo & P. García-Navarro

    Hydro-morphologic modelling for different calamitous scenarios in a mountain stream
    A. Radice & S.M. Elsayed

    Modelling bedload transport for mixed flows in presence of a non-erodible bed layer
    G. Corestein, E. Bladé & D. Niñerola

    The response of bed-load sediment transport and bed evolution under unsteady hydrograph flows
    L. Wang, A. Cuthbertson, G. Pender & Z. Cao

    Morphological changes in River Nile at Bani-Sweif for probable flood flow releases
    A.S. Foda & A.M.A. Sattar
    B.5 Dyke and dam erosion

    Laboratory experiments on dam-break flow of water-sediment mixtures
    Y. Ozeren, R. Aleixo, M. Altinakar & D. Wren

    Spatial dike breach: Accuracy of photogrammetric measurement system
    P.-J. Frank & W.H. Hager

    Mechanism of embankment dam breach
    D. Verma, B. Setia & V.K. Arora

    Dike erosion due to a sudden-wave overtopping: Preliminary results
    S. Evangelista, A. Leopardi & M. Mingarelli

    Limitations of the shallow water assumptions for problems involving steep slopes: Application to a dike overtopping test case
    S. Van Emelen, Y. Zech & S. Soares-Frazão

    Numerical simulation of a dam-break with a wide range of shields parameter
    C. Di Cristo, S. Evangelista, A. Leopardi, M. Greco & M. Iervolino

    Tailings dam-break flow analysis by means of a combined PIV-PTV tool
    R. Aleixo, Y. Ozeren & M. Altinakar

    One-dimensional and two-dimensional hydraulic-numerical modeling of dam break waves
    A. Bornschein

    C River engineering and restoration

    C.1 Flow management and flood control

    Floods in the Guadalquivir river (Southern Spain)
    P. Bohorquez, V. Aranda, J. Calero, F. García-García, P.A. Ruiz-Ortiz, T. Fernández & C. Salazar

    A mobile bed 1D numerical model to support Red River (VietNam) basin management
    D. Bernardi & L. Schippa

    Unraveling the contribution of wind, sea level and discharge to design water levels in the Dutch delta
    R.M.J. Schielen, A. Bomers & D. Kroekenstoel

    Hydrodynamics of Ribarroja Reservoir (Ebro River, Spain): Water temperature, water velocities and water age
    M. Arbat-Bofill, M. Sánchez-Juny, E. Bladé, D. Niñerola, J. Dolz & A. Palau

    The numerical investigation of the effect of subsequent check dams on flood peaks and the time of concentration using the MIKE 11 modeling system (Case study: Golabdareh catchment, Iran)
    P.H. Namadi, B. Saghafian & M. Rostami

    Flood disaster and training of River Ganga and its two tributaries in India—some case study
    S.K. Mazumder & K.N. Keshri

    The Bisagno River diversion
    M. Ferrari, M. Belicchi, D. Cerlini, U. Majone, S. Venturini, A. Marchi, A. Galli, U. Galli & S. Pinasco

    Applying river stage forecasting for early inundation warning
    M.-H. Hsu, J.-C. Fu & W.-H. Teng

    The “Isère Amont” project: 16 expanding flood areas along the river
    O. Manin, A. Le Peillet & L. Boutonnier

    Semi-automatic conceptual model identification and calibration tool for river hydraulic computations
    V. Wolfs, P. Meert & P. Willems

    New computation method for flood flows and bed variations in a low-lying river with complex river systems
    K. Tabata & S. Fukuoka

    Lateral flood discharge at rivers: Concepts and challenges
    M. Bühlmann & R.M. Boes

    Mitigation measures for unsteady flow effects on riverbeds during hydropower peaking
    S. Spiller, N. Rüther & H. Friedrich

    A study on selection of probability distributions for at-site flood frequency analysis in Mahanadi river basin, India
    N. Guru & R. Jha

    Iowa watersheds project: Planning and assessment of flood reduction strategies in agricultural watersheds
    N.W. Thomas, L.J. Weber & N.C. Young

    Freeboard allowance at rivers—experiences from Germany
    R. Pohl

    Managing materials across the Isere river and “Isère Amont” works
    O. Manin, J.-F. Frezet & L. Boutonnier

    Large wood dynamics in a wide mountain river: The Czarny Dunajec, Polish Carpathians
    V. Ruiz-Villanueva, M. Stoffel, B. Wyżga, P. Mikuś & Z.W. Kundzewicz

    Effect of Black Hole Dams in the Eastern Nile River Basin: Changes in water quantity and quality of downstream countries
    S.A. Kantoush

    C.2 Risk mitigation and assessment in river basins

    One-dimensional flood inundation modeling and sediment transport characterization for a potential mining site in southern Virginia, USA
    C.F. Castro-Bolinaga & P. Diplas

    Site selection for sand and gravel mining using an integrated GIS/MCDM approach
    A. Effati, A.M. Malek, S. Seyf & A. Karaji

    The Romanche Séchilienne project, an integrated approach to river development
    M. Grenier, T. Monier & C. Moiroud

    Sediment management measures for river restoration and flood protection in alpine valleys
    B. Roquier, J. Dubois & J.-L. Boillat

    Estimating the combined effect of flood mitigation measures
    F. Huthoff, J. Udo, H. Barneveld, M. Bakker & N. Asselman

    PMP-PMF and their occurrence probability in alpine region by 2-3D modelling
    J.A. Hertig, R.G. Receanu & J.M. Fallot

    C.3 Flow monitoring and remote sensing methods

    Bedload grain size estimation from the indirect monitoring of bedload transport with Swiss plate geophones at the Erlenbach stream
    C.R. Wyss, D. Rickenmann, B. Fritschi, J.M. Turowski, V. Weitbrecht & R.M. Boes

    Deriving formulas for gravel transport velocity from tracer measurements
    M. Klösch & H. Habersack

    Monitoring of sediment transport processes for determining future trends
    J. Schneider, M. Redtenbacher, G. Harb, O. Sass, J. Stangl, A. Gobiet, G. Heinrich & S. Tani

    Gravity wave effects on the calibration uncertainty of hydrometric current meters
    M.A. de Huu & B. Wüthrich

    Remote monitoring of volumetric discharge based on surface mean and turbulent metrics
    E. Johnson & E. Cowen

    Acoustic sediment flux observations on the Fraser River, Canada
    D.W. Haught, J.G. Venditti & M. Church

    A quality analysis of the Vectrino II instrument using a new open-source MATLAB toolbox and 2D ARMA models to detect and replace spikes
    B. MacVicar, S. Dilling, J. Lacey & K. Hipel

    Image-based velocity and discharge measurements in field and laboratory river engineering studies using the free Fudaa-LSPIV software
    J. Le Coz, M. Jodeau, A. Hauet, B. Marchand & R. Le Boursicaud

    Evaluation of 2D river flow simulation with the aid of image-based field velocity measurement techniques
    I. Fujita, G. Kumano & K. Asami

    Three dimensional flow analyses for accuracy estimation of floats flow measurement
    A. Kadota & S. Okada

    Operational river velocity surveillance at whole reach-scale by implementing time-of-arrival algorithms on upstream-downstream conductivity signals
    D. Petrovic, I. Vulpe, J.-P. Vanderborght & M.A. Verbanck

    Using airborne hydromapping to study an alpine torrent
    W. Dobler, R. Baran, F. Steinbacher, M. Ritter & M. Aufleger

    Helicopter-based surface PIV experiments at Thur River
    M. Detert & V. Weitbrecht

    Wetted width of Norwegian rivers—results of a pilot study
    P. Zinke & C. Carnerero

    Stream temperature forecasting by means of ensemble of neural networks: Importance of input variables and ensemble size
    M.J. Napiorkowski, A.P. Piotrowski & J.J. Napiorkowski

    Decomposition of a cloud of gaugings into hydraulically homogeneous families for the tracing of the rating curves by using existing segmentation procedures
    T. Morlot, C. Perret & A.-C. Favre

    Harmonizing water and energy, available tools from the AIM Alpine Space in Movement project
    M.A. Peviani, A. Danelli & M. Cesca

    C.4 Protection against local scour and erosion

    Studies on the effect of an upstream pier as a scour protection measure of a downstream bridge pier
    S.K. Khaple, P.R. Hanmaiahgari & S. Dey

    Application of collars as scour countermeasure at various contraction ratios caused by two spill through abutments
    M. Koken, M. Gogus & K. Yilmaz

    Designing rock riprap falling aprons to protect bridge piers and abutments
    D.C. Froehlich

    Effect of compressed riprap thickness on the stability of river banks
    M. Jafarnejad, M.J. Franca, M. Pfister & A.J. Schleiss

    Predicting stable river bank angle after planar mass failure
    E.A. Tokaldany, M. Rezaie-Mayani & M.H. Davoudi

    Experimental assessment of scouring and deposition processes around arrays of permeable gabion groynes
    M. Romero, N. Ballesteros & V. Lucana

    Scour characteristics downstream of grade-control structures
    S. Pagliara & S.M. Kurdistani

    Experimental estimation of rockfill protection downstream stilling basins
    R.A. Lopardo

    Evaluation of scour downstream of riprap aprons on low-head ogee spillways
    C. Biering, S.H. Hong, T. Sturm, K.S. Yoon & J.A. Gonzalez-Castro

    Effect of riprap protection in controlling local scour at the toe of a groundsill
    C.-C. Wu, P.C. Huang, W.L. Liao, Y.C. Chung & T.S. Hsu

    Sediment transport and morphodynamics in an urbanized river: The effect of restoration on sediment fluxes
    M. Chapuis, V. Bevan, B. MacVicar & A.G. Roy

    River management with submerged vanes
    A.J. Odgaard

    Development and implementation of a fish-friendly river bed stabilization
    U. Stephan, M. Hengl & M. Manser

    River stabilization with groynes in the Western Cape, South Africa
    H.E. King

    Experimental study on effects of grain size in failure process of rubble mound spur-dike under submerged conditions
    H. Haghnazar, R. Sadeghi, S.A.A. Salehi Neyshabouri & M. Ghodsian

    Study of the effect of triangular vane on bed topography in a 90° mild bend
    M. Shafai-Bejestan & M.B. Yarahmadi

    C.5 Physical and numerical modelling in river engineering

    Experimental measurements of flow and sediment transport through bottom racks—influence of gravels sizes on the rack
    L.G. Castillo, J.T. García & J.M. Carrillo

    Experimental parametric study of energy dissipater design in natural rivers
    Z. Vecsernyés, M. Destrieux, N. Andreini & J.-L. Boillat

    Calibration of the physical reduced scale model of Xingu River bed for a study of Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant
    F.R. Terabe, J.R.M. Almeida, J.J. Ota, I.I. Müller, G.D. Goretti,
    J.C. de F. Guimarães & C.R. Vareta

    A simple physically-based model for predicting sand transport dynamics in the Lower Mekong River
    B. Camenen, J. Le Coz, G. Dramais, C. Peteuil, T. Fretaud, A. Falgon, P. Dussouillez & S.A. Moore

    Mean flow structures and control for suitable bed morphology around successive groynes
    A. Kadota & C. Asayama

    Implicit finite volume solution of the bidimensional Shallow Water Equations in unstructured meshes: Application to river flow
    J.M. Martí & F.A. Sánchez

    Investigating grid-size dependency in coupled surface-subsurface hydraulics
    K. Shaad & P. Burlando

    Variable-grid numerical model for river closure
    F. Yongyang, Z. Wei, L. Lin, L. Ming & Z. Ming.

    How to determine the erosion risk of contaminated cohesive sediments best? Putting in situ and laboratory practices to the test
    M. Noack, S.U. Gerbersdorf, S. Wieprecht, G. Hillebrand & P. Kasimir

    A Matlab framework for mathematical modeling in geosciences
    N. Zimmermann, S. Buitrago, C. Gullentops & J. Blanckaert

    Spreadsheet tools for river evaluation, assessment and monitoring
    D. Mecklenburg, A. Ward, J. Witter & J. D’Ambrosio

    Evaluation of water intake location suitability using hydrodynamic modeling
    A.M. Elmoustafa

    Two-dimensional modeling of multi-grain sediment transport in extreme events
    D. Farshi, D. Job, J. Trösch & B. Faust

    Simulation of bedload transport in the Hasliaare River with increased sediment input
    D. Rickenmann, F.U.M. Heimann, J.M. Turowski, C. Bieler, M. Böckli & A. Badoux

    Reactivation of Klingnau reservoir sidearm: Numerical simulation of sediment release downstream
    A. Amini, P. Heller, G. De Cesare, A.J. Schleiss, N. Kräuchi & P. Rötheli

    Variation of river flow due to the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami
    M. Roh, M.B. Adityawan & H. Tanaka

    The influence of flood sequencing on the morphology and bed composition of the American River, California, USA
    D. Pender, H. Haynes, G. Pender & A. Shvidchenko

    Effects of large-scale rubber farm on soil erosion and river bed material in the upper Mekong Basin
    X. Zhou, Z. Wang, B. Yu & L. Seitz

    C.6 River habitat management

    Habitat numerical modelling to assess fish shelter design under hydropeaking conditions
    R.Z. Almeida, I. Boavida & A.N. Pinheiro

    Enhancement of habitat heterogeneity by placement of boulders in streams
    A. Hamuy-Blanco & C.S. James

    Relationship between scenery of flow ecology habitat and physical environment
    R. Lopa & Y. Shimatani

    Spatiotemporal patterns of geomorphological processes determine characteristics of riverine habitat heterogeneity
    M. Hyodo, Y. Takemon & T. Sumi

    Macquarie River floodplain flow modeling: Implications for ecogeomorphology
    S.G. Sandi Rojas, J.F. Rodríguez, P. Saco, G. Riccardi, L. Wen, N. Saintilan, H. Stenta, F. Trivisonno & P.A. Basile

    Impacts by dams: From water quality modelling to management optimization
    M.J. Kunz & A. Wüest

    Research on aquatic ecology in the Naban River and restoration suggestions
    N. Zhao, Z.Y. Wang, M.Z. Xu, L.J. Han & X.D. Zhou

    Creek restoration on an industrial site in southern Québec, Canada
    N. Stämpfli, T. Winhold & P. Groleau

    Water holding capacity and runoff load at the Anmon River in the Shirakami-Sanchi World Heritage Site
    A. Marui, A. Kudo, M. Izumi & E. Kurashima

    Habitat restoration in an urban channel—experiences from monitoring of a pilot action
    R. Mohn, N. Vosswinkel, M. Göke & H.W. Riss

    Morphodynamics restoration of the Old Rhine through controlled bank erosion: Concept, laboratory modeling, and field testing and first results on a pilot site
    D. Aelbrecht, A. Clutier, A. Barillier, K. Pinte, K. El-Kadi-Abderrezzak, A. Die-Moran, F. Lebert & A. Garnier

    Study effects of river locks on Karoon and Bahmanshir Rivers to control salinity intrusion and developing of Abadan region in Iran
    M. Daliry

    The recovery of water temperature and Dissolved Oxygen in the downstream river of a stratified reservoir: A field investigation and experiment
    C. Zhang, Z. Wang, N. Zhao, Z. Li & W. Li

    C.7 Eco-hydraulics

    Analysis of flow patterns in vertical slot fishways
    M. Musall, C. Schmitz, P. Oberle, F. Nestmann, M. Henning & R. Weichert

    Refurbishing an old fish pass: Physical and numerical modeling
    D. Bousmar, G. Zorzan, A. Gillet, J. Lopez Delhoulle, A. Baugnée & J.C. De Greef

    Meander-type fish pass—construction systems, hydraulic characteristics and functionality
    J. Stamm, U. Helbig & C. Schulz

    Hydraulic modeling of nature-oriented fishways and fluvial structures
    R. Czerny, P. Oberle & F. Nestmann

    An ecological and engineering view on unstructured block ramps
    S. Tamagni, V. Weitbrecht & R. Boes

    Temporal and spatial hydrodynamic variability in a gravel-bed river: Measurement, characterization, and significance for spawning salmonids at the riffle scale
    V.G. Lounder & W.K. Annable

    Simulating High-Flow Effects (HFE) on river deformation and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) habitat
    W. Yao, S. Bamal & P. Rutschmann

    Simulating dam effects on river deformation and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) population number
    W. Yao, V. Kumar & P. Rutschmann

    The temporal variability of hydraulic variables depending on morphology
    M. Paternolli & W. Gostner

    Effects of large wood on morphology, flow and turbulence in a Lowland River
    K. Blanckaert, R. Han, F. Pilotto & M. Pusch

    Wood density assessment to improve understanding of large wood buoyancy in rivers
    V. Ruiz-Villanueva, M. Stoffel, H. Piégay, V. Gaertner & F. Perret

    C.8 Navigation waterways

    Connecting a tributary stream into the Canal du Centre thanks to a settling basin in Obourg, Belgium
    C. Swartenbroekx & D. Bousmar

    An integral feasibility study of a new weir in the Lower Rhine
    H.G. Tuin, H.G. Voortman, R.A.J. van de Kamp, W. Seinen, J.K. Vrijling & A. van der Toorn

    Research on navigation-obstruction with complex boundary and its counter measures in middle reaches of the Yangtze River
    A. Pengsongbo, B. Liulin, C. Huangchengtao & D. Liufengyang

    Assessment of the function of engineering measures to improve the navigability of the Danube—a comparison between different modelling approaches
    Y. Huismans, M.F.M. Yossef & G. Deák

    Research on the normal water level and its effect on waterway condition in the cascade navigation-power junction
    X. Feng & Y. Li

    Keyword index
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    Anton J Schleiss . Giovanni De Cesare, Mario J Franca, Michael Pfister all from the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions (LCH), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.