1st Edition

River Quality Dynamics and Restoration

Edited By David A. Dunnette, Antonius Laenen Copyright 1997
    480 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    What is involved in restoring a river? River Quality: Dynamics and Restoration answers this question through a series of articles and case studies written by some of the field's leading researchers and practitioners. The first part of the book covers the physical, chemical, and biological dynamics of a river system. The second part describes monitoring programs and remedial measures used to restore river systems back to healthy and functional states.
    The Willamette River in Oregon and the Vistula River in Poland are used to illustrate the dynamic and restoration processes. Each river is in a different stage of restoration and is subjected to different degrees of stress from agriculture, industry, and urbanization. The Willamette is an internationally cited example of a restored river, while the Vistula is a river that has just recently begun the restoration process. Contrasts and comparisons of the two river systems enable readers to learn the limitations of restoration processes and what is involved in the different stages of restoration.

    The Willamette and Vistula Rivers: Contrast and Comparison, A. Laenen and J.R. Dojlido
    Upper Willamette River Landscape: A Historic Perspective, P.A. Benner and J.R. Sedell
    The Vistula River of Poland: Environmental Characteristics and Historical Perspective, E. Niemirycz
    The Willamette River of Oregon: A River Restored? N. Mullane
    Water Quality in the Vistula Basin: A River under Stress, J.R. Dojlido
    Rain and Rocks: The Recipe for River Water Chemistry, G. Best
    A Geomorphic Basis for Interpreting the Hydrologic Behavior of Large River Basins, G.E. Grant
    Precipitation-Runoff and Streamflow-Routing Modeling as a Foundation for Water-Quality Simulation in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon, A. Laenen and J.C. Risley
    Groundwater and Surface-Water Relations in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, M.W. Gannett and D.G. Woodward
    Regional Distribution of Nitrite plus Nitrate in Shallow Groundwater from Alluvial Deposits of the Willamette Basin, Oregon, S.R. Hinkle
    Dissolved Oxygen in the Tualatin River, Oregon under Winter Low-Flow Conditions, November 1992, V.J. Kelly
    A Steady-State Model of the Willamette River: Implications for Flow Control of Dissolved Oxygen and Phytoplankton Biomass, C.L. DeGasperi and T. Khangaonkar
    River Water-Quality Modeling in Poland, M.J. Gromiec
    Effect of Geology and Human Activities on the Distribution of Trace Elements in Water, Sediment, and Aquatic Biota, Yakima River Basin, Washington (1987 to 1991), G.J. Fuhrer, S.W. McKenzie, J.F. Rinella, and K.A. Skach
    Colloidal Iron and Its Effect on Phosphorous Dynamics in the Tualatin River Basin, Oregon, T.D. Mayer and W.M. Jarrell
    Chemical Characteristics of a Seep at the St. Johns Landfill in Portland, Oregon, W. Fish, W. Romanelli, and C. Martin
    Determination of Organochlorine Compounds in Water from the Vistula River and Seawater from the Gulf of Gdansk, J. Czerwinski, M. Biziuk, J. Namiesnik, and P. Sandra
    Restoration: Water-Quality Monitoring and Assessment
    Ambient Water-Quality Monitoring in the Willamette River Basin, G.A. Pettit
    State Environmental Monitoring Program in Poland, A. Mierzwinski and E. Niemirycz
    Concentration of Nutrients in the Vistula River, Poland, J. Rulewski, K. Sundblad, and A. Tonderski
    TCDD and TCDF Monitoring Near a Bleach Kraft Pulp Mill Discharging to the Willamette River, E. Foster and D. Drake
    Assessment Programs for Detecting Changes in Water Quality, M.A. House
    Developing Indicators of Ecological Condition in the Willamette Basin: An Overview of the Oregon Prepilot Study for EPA's EMAP Program, A. Herlihy, P. Kaufmann, L. Reynolds, J. Li, and G. Robinson
    Assessment of Pollution Outflow from Large Agricultural Areas Based on Hydrologic Parameters and Measured Pollutant Loads, J. Rybinski, Z. Makowski, and E. Heybowicz
    Nonpoint Sources of Pesticides in the San Joaquin River, California: Input from Winter Storms, 1992 to 1993, J.L. Domagalski
    Nutrient Loading in the Vistula River Course, J.R. Dojlido, E. Niemirycz, and P. Morawiec
    Nutrient Nonpoint Pollution in Experimental Watersheds in the Vistula Basin, T. Bogacka and R. Taylor
    Impact from Waste Created by the Combustion of Heavy Metal Laden Coal on Surface- and Groundwater in the Vistula River System, I. Kulik-Kuziemska
    Metal Loadings to the Baltic Sea from the Rivers of Poland, E. Keybowicz and R. Ceglarski
    Upper Clear Creek/Standley Lake, Colorado Water-Quality Assessment, T.D. Steele and R.N. Clayshulte
    Characterizing Fish Assemblages in the Willamette River, Oregon, Using Three Different Bioassessment Techniques, S.G. Ellis, S.T. Deshler, and R. Miller
    Restoration: Water-Quality Management
    Water Management in the Vistula River Basin, J. Zielinski and B. Ozga-Zielinski
    Multifunctional Informative System of Water Management, W. Szczepanski and W. Jarosinski
    Control of Point and Nonpoint Sources by Use of Airborne Imagery of Wastewater Effluent into Polish Rivers and Reservoirs, A. Dobrowolski, B. Glowacka, and M. Smoreda
    Bull Run River Quality: A Natural Urban Ecosystem, F.E. Ruffing
    South African Approaches to River Water-Quality Protection, P.J. Ashton and H.R. Van Vliet
    The Oregon Watershed Health Program: Local Empowerment to Restore Watersheds, M.L. Soscia
    Appropriate Livestock Management Facilities Protect Water Quality in Suburban Watersheds, D.C. Godwin and J.R. Miner
    The Restoration of the Clyde River, D. Hammerton
    Intergovernmental and International Aquatic Ecological Programs: Approaches for Successful Implementation, S.W. McKenzie
    A Review of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, Amendments of 1972, 1977, 1981, and 1987: How These Acts Improved the Waters in Oregon, W.J. Sobolewski


    David A. Dunnette, Antonius Laenen