1st Edition

Robert Southey Essays Moral and Political 1832

Edited By Tim Fulford Copyright 2024

    Robert Southey's Essays Moral and Political, originally published in 1832, brings together many of Southey’s most influential journal pieces, providing important evidence for students of the political and literary culture of the Romantic period. Edited by Tim Fulford, this volume features a full introduction and detailed editorial notes setting the Essays in their contexts. The volume sets the Essays in the context of the political and social issues and controversies on which they comment, and will be of great interest to students and scholars of Literary and Political History.


    List of Abbreviations 

    Editorial Introduction 

    Volume I

    I On Sir Francis Burdett’s Motion for Parliamentary Reform; . . . on the Conduct of the War; . . . and on the Cry of the Whigs for Peace. 1810

    II Army and Navy Reforms. 1810

    III On the Economical Reformers. 1811

    IV On the State of the Poor, the Principle of Mr. Malthus’s Essay on Population, and the Manufacturing System. 1812

    V On the State of the Poor, and the Means Pursued by the Society for Bettering their Condition. 1816

    VI On the Accounts of England by Foreign Travellers. 1816

    VII On the State of Public Opinion and the Political Reformers. 1816

    Volume I Endnotes

    Volume II

    VIII A Letter to William Smith, Esq, M.P. 1817

    IX On the Rise and Progress of Popular Disaffection. 1817

    X On the Means of Improving the People. 1818 

    XI Two Letters Concerning Lord Byron 1822–1824
    Letter I. To the Editor of the Courier. 1822
    Letter II. To the Editor of the Courier. 1824

    XII On Emigration. 1828

    XIII On the Catholic Question. 1809

    XIV On the Catholic Question. 1812

    XV On the Catholic Question. 1828

    Volume II Endnotes



    Tim Fulford is an experienced editor of Southey’s poetry and prose, and also a critic and historian of the politics of Romantic writers, including Southey, Coleridge and Wordsworth.